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CONGRATULATIONS to Shelley of Northern Vision Eye Care winner of a $50 gift card for commenting on the Comments are Rewarding – for You and Your Optical Business post. It was a difficult decision as far as picking a winner as we received a lot of helpful feedback on our blog – www.theopticalvisionsite.com. We did a summary of these last week – Optical Comments are Rewarding Update

We picked Shelley for out $50 Winner as she is a verified subscriber, and she gave us a lot of useful feedback as well as several new ideas for future posts and communication improvements.

Here are Shelley’s comments:

  • I have been very impressed with your blog and have shared many of them in our office.
  • We have been most interested in the product updates, such as the “designer” contact lenses. Also, the article about the lenses that survived being driven over was interesting.
  • Since the look of frames is so important the patient, I think it would be nice to have some lens presentation tips in lay-man’s terms to make the patient place more importance on those.
  • You have been quite thorough in covering a wide range of topics, though.
  • I like the summaries you send in the emails as well as the links to each topic. Your summaries hook us, so we want to read more.
  • It would be nice to see an option on your site to pass on a specific article to another person’s email address without requiring them to actually subscribe. I usually look through the summaries and then send the email to my optometrist telling her which one to look at, if any are pertinent to her. A link from that page would save some time and typing.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make a comment – we always appreciate your feedback as it helps us to make our blog more useful and informative.

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  1. Hi There!
    When I go to Vision Expo, I look for the “trend” in eyewear. At VE NY, the trend was huge and bold and many times also bold colors. Wanting to be unique, my store caters to customers who are looking for the different, specialty frames.
    Also, it is interesting to share ideas with my fellow opticians at these meetings, to see what they are doing different. I have been part of a management group of business owners from across the country. That was amazing and very helpful. Sometimes we get stuck in own little world and stop creating. That is why I so enjoy your blogs and ideas.
    I have written a “magic marketing plan” that I am trying to get approved by the NAO, so I am not sure how much I can share, but as an example: It really does not have to cost a fortune to create and implement a marketing plan for an optical company. We just need to start looking at “Home” and have the “eyes” of a customer. Take a look at the carpet..is it clean? Do you have Christmas plants still hanging around? Are the posters yellowed from the sun? Is the music too Loud? Are the frame bars dusty? Do the frames just “lay” there. Put them on inverted eyeglass cases. This way you can have beter inventory control, and the same frames are together on one eyeglass case.
    Right now I am having a drive to collect school supplies for the needy through an organization a friend runs. We had a big party in my store last Friday and had tons of people in. We treated everyone to donated food and drinks. (the restaurants in the area helped out in exchange for leaving menues) every month I do an art show in the store, displaying a new artist, have wine and food. This way the store looks different and I give the artist a venue to hold it. I have very tall walls. It does not cost me anything, it brings in new people, and I get to look at pretty pictures when I work. A win-win situation!!
    On August 13 (Lucky Friday) we are having a huge fund raiser for Stout Street eye clinic at a pizza restaurant. This is a clinic that caters to the Homeless of Denver. It is going to be a casino night with live music and alot of donated items for a silent auction. Art work, eyeglasses, lenses, clothes, jewelry, books etc. Oakley has been tremendously helpful and as i write this has donated over $7,000 to the cause. It takes just a little elbow grease to get things done. Anyone can do it with a little will and determination and not being afraid to ask! The worst would be if you heard a no, but it will not happen if we do not ask! I have received so many YESSSS that i am Laughing out Loud!!!
    ONE person CAN make a difference!!
    have a beautyfilled day. PS excuse the spelling errrrors! 🙂
    Madeleine Kruhsberg http://www.optiqueofdenver.com

  2. Madeleine- You are an amazing woman!