Bravely Investing in Optical Fixtures and Free Form Lens Surfacing

We recently wrote about the importance of optical fixtures and asked what you have to say about this subject and your experiences. Dale David, Optical Manager for Jervey Eye Group with four locations responded as he had worked with Fashion Optical Display a few years ago and they are planning on doing some remodeling again. They have also been busy converting their in house optical lab from conventional to digital free form surfacing.

Jervey Lab Free Form Lab

We are all for investing back into one’s optical practice but wanted to know the reasons why they were investing so much, time, money and effort to do more remodeling and converting their lab and how they justify the expense?  Dale responded to our questions as follows.

1. It is important to update the look every so often to keep from looking the same as we did for the last several patient visits.

2. We want to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of providing our patients with the best in eyewear products.

We have seen an increase in the average amount spent on frames by our patients. By attractively displaying our higher priced frames we create patient interest in these styles. We also utilize some of the locking frame bars and displays for security on our Plano sunglasses. Our plano sunwear is a real emphasis for us this coming year as we plan to grow this segment of our business, especially with our contact lens patients.

One of our offices has a very open floor plan with almost no walls in the optical. This makes for a challenging layout for our displays! We chose tall displays with solid backs. These block the view through optical and allow patients to be “unseen” in some areas. Our next remodel will involve glass backs to allow view into all areas of the optical. We are also eliminating several “vendor” supplied displays that do not blend well with our other fixtures and displays.

2. We want to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of providing our patients with the best in eyewear products. We have been building the patient demand over the past few years for digital Free Form progressive lenses. This has taken us to over 70% of all of our progressive lenses are Digital FF. This made the cost justification to make the switch in the lab much easier. The new equipment install and training was smooth, and the equipment is very easy to learn how to use. We have to be diligent to perform daily equipment calibration to maintain the extreme accuracy that the machines produce, 1/100th of a diopter.

Producing Cutting Edge Eyewear

Digital free form production produces lenses that are much more accurate, the peripheral optics are optimized to give the patients wider fields of view and better off center optics. More accurate and optically better lenses mean higher levels of patient satisfaction. We often hear the”Wow!” factor when dispensing digital FF lenses to our patients. At Jervey Eye Group every lens we sell, single vision, multi-focal or progressive is a digital fee form design. Our patients are seeing better and loving these new lenses.

“The increased profit level offered by digital free form lenses will enhance our bottom line in both the lab and in the practice dispensary.”

We thank Dale for sharing Jervey Eye Group’s story on bravely investing in optical fixtures and free form lens surfacing and showing that investment back into the business is more than worthwhile both for the optical customer and the provider.

Note:  The Optical Vision Site Free Form Lens sponsors include: Augen Optics, Hoya Free Form, K-MarsOptical, Kodak Lens and Shamir.

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  1. This was a very nice article capturing many key points from Dale David. He has incredible optical experience and has been the key to the success enjoyed by Jervey Eye Group and their patients. He really makes the case for free form and for doing the lab work in house as this ultimately gives the patient the best product. Thank you for sharing this information!


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