3 Fun Fido Frames For National Dog Day

Every Dog has it’s day and for most is it August 26 which is National Dog Day. The Hair of the Dog did not get raised until 2005 when this Dog Day of Summer was established. But a few Top Dog English Eyewear companies decided way before that,  it was time to Rain (Cats) Dogs Eyewear in this Dog Eat Dog world. With that in mind and Hot Doggin it, both Anglo American and Oliver Goldsmith showed their Lead Dog (Alpha Dog) craftmanship with these rare pedigreed frames.

These impressive frames show that some dogs are all bark and no bite and they are as pretty as a speckled pup. Anyone would fall in puppy love with them.

Anglo American worked like a dog to show a true love of one of mans best friends the Scottish terrier. This Black and Cream Scottie Dog piece. I would estimate it would be from either the 1970’s or 1980’s.

Scottie Dog Eyewear by Anglo American on ebay

Scottie Dog Eyewear by Anglo American on ebay

There is life in this old dog yet. You can very rarely find one. Known the world over is the Dachshund by Oliver Goldsmith. Circa 1970’s, 1980’s.

Dachsund by Oliver Goldsmith

Dachsund by Oliver Goldsmith

Go see a man about a dog in Paris with this pick of the litter also by Oliver Goldsmith.

Lunetier Vintage

Lunetier Vintage Oliver Goldsmith Circa 1980.

In conclusion, I wish someone would throw me a bone and give me pair for any occaision. I promise you,  you would not be barking up the wrong tree and I would never ever call you dog meat.

Happy National Dog Day 

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