$75,000 Solid Gold CliC Eyeglasses

We have a post coming up on Bentley latest $55,000 Sunglasses and guess what, Clic in a collaboration with Hugh Power, jewelry designer has launched (not the most expensive) but certainly up there $75,000 Clic eyewear. Click the link for  a list of the most expensive Eyewear

Clic Owner, Ron Lando said “The lenses are gold tinted and they are virtually unbreakable and unscratchable. They are made of the finest polycarbonate material in the world. We have made them lightweight so the wear can enjoy the CliC Gold experience. It’s not only eye-wear, it’s jewellery – the type of person who would buy this is someone who cares about their eyes, and has a lot of cash.”

Start saving up, these are limited edition with only 300 pairs to be made and it takes 6-8 weeks. For pricing and additional information got to the Clic Gold Website

For those of us who would rather spend $75,000 elsewhere, you can order Clic Eyewear through Rons Optical


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  1. Don’t ya think this might get a little heavy?