As Americans Grow Bigger So Does Their Eyewear

Americans are growing bigger and bigger! As you can see from this slide that Rebecca Johnson included in a recent OWA presentation. It shows the percentage of adults considered obese in 2000 and then 10 years later in 2010:

As Americans grow bigger so does their eyewear. For this reason we decided to highlight several eyewear styles and features, including the measurements/sizes, from companies that have recognized this “growing” need.  We asked our sponsors  for some recommendations specifically for larger faces, here they are.

A&A Optical, is celebrating XXL’s 10th anniversary this year; 10 years of serving the fit challenged and athletic male with comfortable, stylish eyewear! So they were one of the first to recognize the market for larger eyewear and are experts with not just product design but marketing as well.  You can check out the XXL Top 10 Countdown Competition of why practices need to offer XXL eyewear to their patients on Facebook.  Shown below is XXL combination frame Navigator loaded with details and style. But let’s not forget the ladies with fuller faces: Alexander Collection is A&A’s  ladies line which features longer temples and eye sizes for full featured women , Rebecca  shown here, is available in 3 sizes, with the most generous sizing  57-17-140.

A&A Optical Rebecca

A&A XXL Navigator

Argyleculture Eyewear by Russell Simmons features a variety of sizes to fit any customer. Many frames come in two sizes or have been handcrafted for larger fit needs. Argyleculture frames incorporate larger eye sizes and bold embellishments but are still comfortable and fairly lightweight. With a mixture of styles, materials and eyeshapes all in larger fits, the Argyleculture collection features fashion forward eyewear designed to fit real men. Here are two examples:

Argyleculture Eyewear – Chet

Chet is a handmade acetate frame with integrated spring hinges. A higher bridge and modified rectangular eye shape give the frame a more modern look.  Chet is available in two eye sizes and two color combinations: Black/Brown and Brown/Horn. Size: 57-16-145 & 60-16-155

Argyleculture Eyewear – Morton

Morton is a full metal frame with a flat metal two-tone front. The frame features contrasting metal colors inspired by the Argyleculture clothing line. Adjustable nose pads and spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit. Morton is available in Black and Dark Brown. Size: 57-18-145

Tura M899

Tura offers many styles in a choice of different sizes to cater for all shapes and sizes. This is a good looking very large Turaflex Model M899. Direct soldered memory titanium double bridge with wide end piece and temples. Available in Sizes: 55-18 -140 and 57-18-145 and three colors. Tura also recommends these styles for larger faces:  Brendel 902542 size 58-19-140, Brendel 902547 and Tura T107.

Modern Optical Big Twist

Paula Weissman, VP of Marketing for Modern Optical says: “You are right on with this subject. One of our most popular collections is B.M.E.C.- Big Men’s Eyewear Club. It actually does fantastic for our doctors’ offices because it brings current fashion, quality construction, and great value to a segment of the population that is significantly under served. Sizes range from 52mm to 61mm and temple lengths are up to 155mm. One of the most popular styles from the collection is this Big Twist – retro-inspired shape shown in tortoise (also in black and black/crystal) with spring hinge for added comfort.”

OGI 3110 in leopard/sunflower yellow

Eyes of Faith Optical and OGI Eyewear demonstrate that larger fit eyewear customers do not have to give up color and/or style. Acknowledging clientele in need of larger styles, OGI Eyewear has developed the 3110. This larger rectangular frame debuts with a color palette to suit the tastes of a broad range of consumers.  Shown here in leopard/sunflower yellow size: 54-18-140. Several other interesting color combinations are also available.

Eyes of Faith 1014

Eyes of Faith style 1014 is a larger-sized, elegant, semi-rimless frame with a unique flowing front shape, nose pads, and spring hinges for the utmost in comfort and adjustability. The glamorous style is a custom, marbled acetate interpretation of the Eyes of Faith signature stained-glass styles with lots of color and offering a more feminine choice.

We discovered that there are lots of eyewear choices for the larger, harder to fit optical customer and we would like to hear about any favorites you can suggest.

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  1. Are there any more edgy fashion styles for a larger fit?

  2. yes, watch for our follow up post coming this Sunday which will talk about the lenses as well!

  3. Scott Martin says:

    This article is very misleading. I can’t accept the publics desire for larger eyewear is simply because they are overweight. Fashion and technology dictate styles. In the nineties progressive lenses became smaller. So did frames. The public Still wanted larger frames. But the manufacturers needed a new market so frames became smaller. Now fashion has gone full circle and technology has made it possible for larger lenses to be thinner and lighter so styles dictated by a youthful desire for retro looks have become larger again. There will always be a need for larger frames but please don’t try to sell us on the eyewear market being driven by overweight people!


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