Captain Raydor’s Eyewear

TV shows and movies have a lot of influence of what people want to buy and wear and talking about them can help communicate information to optical patients as they will often pay more attention to something they can more readily relate to like a favorite TV character. One of my favorite TV shows is The Closer which according to TV guide is already in the Top 20 most watched shows this year and the new season only just started. The Closer’s Facebook page has over 1 million likes and is very active.

I was happy to see that the show’s stylists have updated Captain Sharon Raydor’s eyewear, here she is as seen in the last season and now the new season:

Captain Sharon Raydor’s Eyewear – 2011 and 2012 Season

We think that Captain Sharon Raydor’s character maybe in a new spin off show next season and if she is her eyewear will be as influential as The Closer’s Brenda Lee Johnson’s is now and the good news is that Sharon has better eyeglass wearing habits than Brenda does, we like that!

Get the new Captain Raydor look with MODO Style 3025 which has a similar “thicker” bridge, eye shape and flared temples or ClearVision Optical BCBG Carrie which is a little softer:

MODO Style 3025

BCBG Carrie in black



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  1. Carline says:

    Have you seen all the different eyeglass styles worn each episode of Criminal Minds character ‘Garcia’ ? They’re great. I never see credits on the eyeglass manufacturers.

  2. No, will have to look for them

  3. Capt. Rador eyewear that she wore on the episode aired October 8, 2012. I love them and they appear to have a portion of the sides to be metal with small indentations in them. What is the brand? Anyone have any idea????

  4. I did not see that episode but hopefully one of our readers will have a suggestion for you!

  5. Alison… I found them! They’re Prodesign Denmark (model #1687 and tortoise color #5522). You can get them from If you check their contact page, they have contact info for the USA. 🙂

  6. which frames is she wearing in photo on left (purple suit) ?