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The Nakajima Laboratory at the University of Electro Communications unveiled a new eyeglass that has a GPS imbedded into the temples. The eyewear includes a battery, microcomputer, directional sensor and LED Lights. While GPS Eyewear is not new, Zeal Optics launched GPS Goggles last year to an excellent response, but after blogging about technology eyewear for the last 2 years, I think it will become an important and profitable category for eyecare professionals to invest and offer in their dispensing room.

What’s coming Up- tons of technology eyewear from 3D to Bluetooth, to virtual reality to camera eyewear and more. Plus it seems like every designer from Gucci to Armani is coming up with their own USB port, video and 3D Eyewear

Tech Eyewear Suppliers From Our Sponsors

  • iCoat launched their Sfirex 3D Eyewear at Vision Expo West in 2011.
  • Live Eyewear launched their Cocoons OverRX 3D October 2011
  • emPower From Pixel has won numerous awards and best of CES 2011 Show for the world first electronic auto focusing lens.

Other choices

Advantages of Stocking Tech Eyewear

  1. Profitable
  2. Non- Managed care item
  3. The Wearable Technology Trend is huge and will continue to grow
  4. Sets oneself apart from the competition
  5. Gives a talk factor for websites, Facebook and Twitter
  6. Sets an office up as a ‘product leader’
  7. Sets up office as a ‘gift center’ easy to use for gift cards and certificates.
  8. Great Groupon promotion
  9. Great Foursquare Tweets
  10. Great YouTube eyefodder.


  1. Costly- you cannot just put in one piece- carry a selection to give a wide variety.
  2. Set aside a Wearable Technology section (i.e. ) Store within a Store concept/ redo the office.
  3. Train Staff on different tech models especially 3D
  4. Be prepared not to have ‘return’ service. You buy it, it’s yours.

To view more about Wearable Technology eyewear, visit Optical Vision Resources

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