Criminal Minds – Garcia’s Eyewear Style

We agree with Carline who turned us on to the eyewear worn by Penelope Garcia, who is a fictional character on the CBS crime dramas Criminal Minds. She has worn some interesting styles, an ideal poster child for fashion eyewear. If any of your customers wants the Penelope Garcia look we have a few suggestions we selected from A&A Optical, Classique Eyewear, Eyes of Faith, Modern Optical and Zyloware:

Styles: Classique Eyeweaar William Morris 6916 and Modern A324

Styles: Zyloware E XP 4082 091 and A&A Roxy RO3420

Styles: Eyes of Faith 1003, 1008 and Randy Jackson RJX103

Please let us know if you have suggestions for the Penelope Garcia eyewear look.

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  1. says

    I am not sure which ones you mean but an independent eyecare retailer will be able to help you if you show them the article.

  2. c Kane says

    I love the glasses that are pink on top and red on the bottom. Please tell me where I can get this glasses

  3. E. Davis says

    On 4/9/2014 episode of Criminal Minds, black shaped glasses. Where can I purchase them?

  4. says

    I don’t know. What I would recommend is that you take a screen shot of the frames and take it in to your local eyecare provider.

  5. Mrsrdub says

    E. Davis I want them too! If you find them or have found them please let me know.

    Please, thanks & blessings

  6. Esther Michel says

    The closest i have come to getting glasses that look like Penelope Garcia’s glasses is at Zenni I found some pink one’s like Garcia’s. I love the way they look. I hope ya’ll find what you want. good luck every one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marilyn Browning says

    Season 10 episode 11. Garcia wore white frames that have
    a different shape to them. I like them so much and would
    Like to know where I can get them

  8. Scott says

    Most of her frames come from a company called LA Eyeworks and older styles of Kirk Originals, before they changed their styling. Her blue/lime green are Kirk, her Pink sunglasses from the episode of Reid’s test are Kirk, her Pink on top purple on bottom are Kirk. Most all of her others are from LA Eyeworks, at least from 9 and 10.

    Beware, LA Eyeworks is NOT cheap, but you also get handmade quality that you don’t get from most brands anymore that are manufactured and mass produced in China.

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