Easy 3D Printed Eyewear For Eyecare Professionals

There has been a lot of hype about 3D printed eyewear over the last 3 years.  Some eyecare professionals have even had customers come in with their own 3D eyeglasses. This 3D trend will continue as 3D printers come into play in the mass market.

Roger bacon-Red


The issue has always been the material and the marketing. Netherlands based company Roger Bacon Eyewear came up with a easy solution in Europe, which is now available in the USA through Eyenavision for sale through independent optical retailers.


Roger Bacon Eyewear is custom made using an iPad based scanning system. The resulting scan provides precise facial dimensions that are used to design and manufacture a pair of glasses on an advanced 3D printer.


Customers can choose from over 20 frame shapes, each available in 10 colors; they can preview any frame in the collection using the Roger Bacon custom visualization unit. The unit’s LCD display shows the patient’s precise image in any frame available in the collection. New frame designs will be continuously added to the collection and are automatically downloaded to the iPad and visualization unit.


With Roger Bacon, inventory carrying costs are eliminated as each frame is custom made to order. ECPs will no longer experience costly frame buy-ins and exchanges of poor selling frames. Individual frame orders are easily placed from the iPad using Roger Bacon’s cloud based ordering system.

Joseph Zewe, CEO of Eyenavision says, “We are thrilled to roll out the Roger Bacon Eyewear system in the US. Never before has custom made eyewear been available on this scale.” Mr. Zewe added, “Roger Bacon represents an amazing step forward as we introduce mass customization to eyewear. Similar to our Chemistrie lens layering system, Roger Bacon represents technology that will be a perfect t for independent optical retailers looking to distinguish themselves by offering superior products.”

The marketing possibilities are endless with 3D printed eyewear:

  • Customization, appealing to millennials
  • Specialized and Customized trunk shows
  • Specialized charity giveback programs such as pink for (Breast Cancer) Green (Glaucoma) Red (Heart Disease) Purple (Animal Abuse)
  • Competitive edge against online retailers.

Eyenavision Inc. is a technology based eyewear company whose products include the patented Chemistrie Lens Layering System.

Roger Bacon Eyewear is a Dutch company that is committed to using digital manufacturing technologies to produce eyewear that is both beautiful in design and custom tted to the individual’s biometrical features.

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