Essential Sports Eyewear Z8 + F8

Offer the complete youth vision solution from Liberty Sport with our newest Z8 Virtually Indestructible ophthalmic eyewear and F8 Sport Protective (ASTM F803) products Sport Shift and Helmet Spex. A Z8 and an F8 frame together will make your patients unstoppable from the classroom to the field.

Z8 Collection : Z8 is the newest evolution for Liberty Sport into youth ophthalmic – a collection which complements and expands our existing product portfolio with styles engineered for active youth that require comfort and durability to keep up with his or her active lifestyle. Made with virtually indestructible Nylo-flexTM material and ShockBlokTM lens dampening technology the shock from unexpected surprises will be absorbed and flexible comfort wrap temples ensures the frames won’t slip off with motion. Preview this collection with our Z8 Video.

Z8 Collection

Z8 Collection

F8 Collection: From our F8 Sport Protective (ASTM F803) line, Helmet Spex and Sport Shift are both specifically designed to offer a solution to young athletes that don’t wear protective eyewear under their helmet due to fit or fogging issues or play multiple sports. Included with Helmet Spex and Sport Shift, is a newly designed 3 panel skull cap that must be worn over the goggle and under the helmet in order to keep the goggle in place.


Sport Shift, is an easily interchangeable frame that has both goggle and temple attachments to offer two frames in one that can be previewed with our Sport Shift video. With endpiece cut outs to allow for better venting and peripheral vision, Sport Shift also features an adjustable goggle strap that contours over the ears for a more comfortable fit. For young athletes that require a sleek comfortable under helmet fit, Helmet Spex combines years of research and development to offer a sport protective solution with soft rubber endpieces, contouring straps and vented eye rims.

Z8 youth ophthalmic frames are made to be durable, but are not to be worn in place of F8. For the complete youth vision solution, Liberty Sport recommends both the Z8 and F8 frames to patients.

For complete protection from frame to Rx, Liberty Sport strongly recommends that the Z8 frames are Rx-ed with Liberty Clear BluBlokTM lenses available through Liberty Performance Lab. For Helmet Spex and Sport Shift, FogBlokTM coating is recommended to be applied for every Rx in order to best optimize athlete performance. Liberty Sport also offers free lifetime replacement of the complete Rx frame, lens or both when ordered and processed by Liberty Performance Lab with the purchase of the Liberty Lifetime Protection Plan.

At Vision Expo West, stop by the Liberty Sport Booth #20001 to see available styles and colors and receive 5% off your order and free shipping.


About Liberty Sport, Inc.

Liberty Sport is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Sport Protective, Performance Sunwear, Active Eyewear and functions as the Complete Rx Sport Vision Resource. Our dedication to research, engineering and technology places Liberty Sport on the cutting edge of Rx-able protective eyewear solutions for sports of all kinds. The development of the Switch product line in 2009 now provides a technology solution to a new market – NASA. With distribution through eye care professionals and leading optical chains worldwide, Liberty Sport is committed to promoting awareness for sports eye injury prevention and providing technologically advanced eyewear solutions. To view the full range of eyewear solutions, visit and follow us on social: Facebook:; Twitter: @LibertySport29; Pinterest: Liberty Sport; Instagram: Liberty.Sport. Liberty Sport: Performance Eyewear Solutions – Authentic since 1929.

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