Exposing a Professional Photo Shoot

I am no expert on fashion or fashion photography but like many people I can appreciate something really special when I see it but it does not happen that often. I had that experience at VEE2011 when I walked by the friezeframes booth and saw this vibrant poster. They are a sponsor so I admit I may be biased but I don’t think so as I did not even know it was their booth at first having never seen this image. I was very curious about it so fired off a ton of questions to the owners Marc and Jason. It is a story I want to share because it really brings out the power that exciting eyewear can wield.

Donna Mee applies her magic (she is wearing a Lucy friezeframe)

Years ago when I worked for Vidal Sassoon I was involved in photo shoots and was amazed at how much work and detail went into making just one fabulous picture. The Vidal Sassoon ad line “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” was taken very seriously so I know from experience that it takes a lot of talent and work to create an image like this. Here are some of the behind the scenes shots exposing a professional photo shoot:

hair, lighting, make-up, clothes, details and more details

The shoot took place because the friezeframes eyewear styles and concept of “Jewelry For Your Eyes” inspired a design group to get creative and shoot some fabulous pictures. The friezeframes people did not commission this work their eyewear just inspired it. The creative team consisted of:

  • Photographer – David Nguyen
  • Hair stylist – Eugene Conde
  • Make-up – Donna Mee

The shoot took place at Donna Mee’s Empire Makeup Academy. Donna is well known in the make-up industry doing work for many celebrities Cindy Crawford and Queen Latifah to name just two plus several magazines including Marie Claire and People. I believe the model is wearing a frame from the new ERA collection, she makes the eyewear look good doesn’t she?

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