Eyenavision x Roger Bacon Eyewear Custom 3D Printed Eyewear

This I can’t wait to see… How to bring 3D custom printed eyewear to your patients? Eyenavision in a partnership with Roger Bacon Eyewear has the solution. You can see them at Vision Expo East at Eyenavision’s booth (#4474)

If you have been following the 3D printing trend, you know that Roger Bacon Eyewear created quite a stir at Silmo with his made to measure 3D printed eyewear collection available for sale through independent optical retailers.

Every face is unique, why not every pair of glasses? This question led Roger Bacon Eyewear to develop a proprietary system that makes use of a biometric scanner attached to an iPad. The scanning process provides the patient’s precise dimensions that enable Roger Bacon to produce a pair of custom made frames using a 3D printer.

Roger Bacon

ECPs that provide Roger Bacon Eyewear will receive a scanner and visualization unit which allows the customer to preview any frame in the collection using the patient’s image as shown on the visualization unit’s LCD display. Customers can choose from over 20 frame shapes, each available in 10 colors, with new frame designs to be continuously added to the collection. Individual frame orders are easily placed from the iPad using Roger Bacon’s cloud based ordering system.

The frames are then custom printed and the parts are provided to Eyenavision for inspection and assembly. The completed frame is provided by Eyenavision to the ECP. Roger Bacon Eyewear providers will receive one on one  training on the new exclusive technology so that they may offer their customers a unique in-of ce experience. As an additional benefit, retailers offering Roger Bacon Eyewear will no longer experience costly frame buy-ins and exchanges of poor selling frames. With Roger Bacon, inventory carrying costs are eliminated as each frame is custom made. The ECP only carries frame samples and colors. New frame designs are automatically downloaded to the iPad and visualization unit.

Roger Bacon-3

Representatives of Eyenavision and the founders of Roger Bacon, Pieter Jonckheer and Jan-Berend Zweerts, will be demonstrating the Roger Bacon system at Eyenavision’s booth (#4474) at Vision Expo East. Eyenavision will be accepting pre-orders of the system at Vision Expo and will begin shipping in store display units and accepting frame orders on July 1, 2016.

Joseph Zewe, CEO of Eyenavision commented, “Retailers will be truly amazed at the Roger Bacon Eyewear system. Not only is the in store experience unique, but the t and quality of the frames is exceptional.” Mr. Zewe added, “Roger Bacon represents a whole new category of eyewear and an opportunity for early adopters to differentiate their practice from the competition.” Pieter Jonkheer, CEO of Roger Bacon commented, “We are pleased to partner with Eyenavision to rollout Roger Bacon Eyewear in the United States. We look forward to additional products and features that will reinforce our belief that our customers should feel one with their eyewear.”

Eyenavision Inc. is a technology based eyewear company whose products include the patented Chemistrie Lens Layering System.

Roger Bacon Eyewear is a Dutch company that is committed to using digital manufacturing technologies to produce eyewear that is both beautiful in design and tted to the individual’s biometrical features.

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