Eyewear Of The Future: Adjustable Vision

We are fortunate to not one of the over 600+ Million people who need vision correction in the world. The lack of sight has huge economic impact and a few companies are trying to solve this global issue.

The latest to enter the fray is Eyejusters, an adjustable vision eyeglass. Eyejusters launched in 2010 but went viral in 2012. Focusing on the sight impaired population they have made it their quest to create an affordable type of lens-eyewear- vision product. Cost is $40 USD.

In 2005  Adlens launched (They will be at Vision Expo West)  their adaptive Eyewear. They are another social good company who want to help the 600 Million visionally challenged people in the world and or provide disaster relief  (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes) where people have no eyewear, much less multiple pairs for various tasks. Think about all those glasses lost and trying to replace.

Adjustable type of vision effects everyone including astronauts. In 2010 NASA was considering using TruFocal or now called Super Focus considered using this type of adjustable vision. The adjusting switch in on the bridge. When you are in a situation, where you have too look at multi-gadgets at different focal lengths, instead of having multiple pairs of glasses, being able to change your vision with a twitch of the fingers has definite advantages. If you think it’s a gadget, ask the 1.1 Million people who have liked them on Facebook. Retail pricing from $700 USD.

Appealing to the tech and early adapters the em!Power by Pixel has made a huge splash in the eyewear industry, with their electronic focussing eyewear.

Just in case you want to make your own, from Instructables, an DIY adjustable vision eyeglass.


Is this an opportunity? First you have the early adapters who want to try everything new, a major part of retailing today with our short attention span. Then you have a huge percentage of the population who cannot afford multiple pairs of glasses to do the myriad of tasks, all with different focal lengths.

While a strong trend, I don’t think you will see alot of competition within this realm. The research and development and manufacturing make this a long term investment for manufacturers.

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