Eyewear Trend Report; 3D Printed Eyewear + Fun Video on The Future of 3D Printing

In 10 years, we will all have or be wearing 3D or 4D eyewear. In 5 years 3D printed eyewear will be commonplace. Today there are 4 startup companies that we know of that are manufacturing Eyewear from 3D printing.

  1. 3D Tapestry Eyewear Allows Wearers To Customize Their Glasses
  2. Colors Of Birch- A New Concept In 3D Eyewear
  3. Make Eyewear 
  4. Another Start Up Beehive 3D Eyewear is looking for investors

A great and fun Video to watch shows how 3D printing will change our world. You have to follow the link as their is no embedding Click here


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