Five Fashionable Extravagant Eclipse Eyeglasses

After all the hype about the Solar Eclipse and the sheer amount of Fake Eclipse eyewear, we found the perfect real shades to wear! These you can have forever… just don’t look at the eclipse.

This vintage inspiration is from France and not labeled. Could it be a famous designer. We do not know, most likely from the 1950’s.

Vintage Moon and Stars Sunglasses from France. Seen on Etsy

From eyewear designer Linda Farrow, comes these special Khaleda Rajab sunglasses. the dark lenses are the perfect eclipital look.

Khaleda Rajab sunglasses are crafted with stainless steel gold frames for a striking effect via Linda Farrow

Then we go to the classic look from Mercura NYC. They have several exotic eclipse eyewear for viewing pleasure.

Mercura NYC

Not to be outdown, A-Morri moon and star spangled look will reflect those rays.

A Morir Style Simon

For those who prefer a more sedate shade and cheaper too, are these sun and moon from glassu.


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