Fork, Spoon And Knife Eyewear For National Picnic Day

Another Who Knew Holiday! National Picnic Day is June 18 and Fathers Day. Of course we found the perfect utopian. utensil eyewear to wear for a perfect Knife Day. But what to Eyewear out of all these choices?

We found from Custom Frames out of Germany, this Fork and Spoon look detachable. Interesting concept, not only could you eat with it, but when threatened- a nice Fork Off could do.

If you can still find them check out these vintage Gaultier Fork Shades. Circa 1990 from Vintage Sunglass Shop. (Sold)

Etsy Gaultier Sunglasses

In another look, Shiv.. ame timbers, this handmade wood sunglass by Tumbleweeds Handicraft and seen on Black Springs Folk Art has a hidden knife as part of the temple. Wonder if this would get through security in an airport?

Baaaack in 2008 these chopstick eyeglasses went viral. Nothing like a Fork Your Eye Out look.

Stix Eyewear

In another viral look  back in the 2007, The Swiss Army Knife Eyewear was another Viral Adventure. The Uber Shades could be customized with more than 260 different tools, ranging from paint brushes to scissors, from pliers to rasps and of course a knife.


Hope you like our See you Spoon Shades! Have a Knife Day!


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