Harry’s Law Optical Crimes

Tommy from Harry's Law - Can't keep his glasses on!

I get  a little obsessive checking out the eyewear styles and eyewear habits of TV characters. We have discussed Diane Keaton’s “Optical Crime” and  Brenda’s bad eyewear habits from The Closer. It seems that Tommy’s character from the NBC drama Harry’s Law has the same bad habit of taking his glasses on and off, on and off just like Brenda. This must be for dramatic effect but we think it is an Optical Crime, a bad habit we don’t want optical patients to pick up! But we like the styles we see on this show.

I personally like the program and it is a good showcase for eyewear. TV shows and movies have a lot of influence of what people want to buy and wear and talking about them can help communicate information to optical patients as they will often pay more attention to something they can more readily relate to like a favorite TV character. Talking about “Optical Crimes” might get their attention too if you observe damage from bad eyewear habits or arguing the case for anti-reflective coatings for example.

Harry in Cole Haan Sunglasses

Kathy Bates, the critically-acclaimed actress who starred in a wide range films including Misery, Dolores Claiborne, Fried Green Tomatoes, Primary Colors and About Schmidt, among others, makes the transition to TV stylishly. She appears as the main character of Harry’s Law wearing a pair of Cole Haan 664 sunglasses. Ms. Bates looks ultra sleek in the Cole Haan 664, a gorgeous acetate sun with metal alloy combo temples and stunning lizard pattern inlay on the temples she wears for her role as Harriet Korn.

The Cole Haan 664 was part of the 2010 collection. ClearVision Optical’s Cole Haan 605 from the 2011 collection is a very similar style with metal trim on end pieces and temples.


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  1. What frames is Tommy from Harry’s Law wearing?