Lady Gaga Inspired Eyewear Designers

Wacky and crazy eyewear has been around a lot longer than Lady Gaga. Tura had diamond studded, jeweled and crazy eyewear 30 years ago, Neostyle Eyewear a forerunner in other-wordly and luxury eyewear, Oliver Goldsmith and Alain Mikli were creating dimensional eyewear back in the 60’s. Today the new look is futuristic, spiked, studded, chained and beaded. Will they sell? I believe there is a market, primarily in the youth, fashion oriented, celebrity based and for Halloween.

Here are a listing of Lady Gaga Inspired Eyewear Designers or eyewear designers that are using spikes, beads chains and more! I have not included SteamPunk eyewear in this listing.

What I find interesting in the below eyewear companies is that most of them are new from this year. These are not all- but can give you a pretty good idea of what is coming in wacky, celeb packed eyewear.

  1. A Morir Kerin Rose
  2. Coco and Breezy new 2010
  3. House of Diehl– new 2010
  4. Jaesyn Burke Eyewear new 2010
  5. Linda Farrow– We have done quite a few post on Linda Farrow who collaborates with many designers.
  6. Protege (new 2010)
  7. Stevie Boi
  8. Mercura – probably the first of the wacky eyewear people.

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  1. framefreak says:

    Love Lady Gaga, love the eyewear she inspires. You should have a competition for this.

  2. Mary DAVIS says:

    How can I purchase a pair of rare rhinestone eyeglasses

  3. You will have to go to their sites directly to purchase