Modern Optical Value Driven Eyewear

We frequently talk about designer eyewear and tend to forget about value driven eyewear companies. One such company is Modern Optical, a budget alternative to your patients that cannot afford or do not want to afford top of the line products. (Like my brother!)

Advantages Of  Modern Optical Eyewear

  • Package pricing and
  • Managed care / insurance programs
  • Compete against eyewear companies offering 2 for 1 specials.
  • Promotional Offers
  • Specials to the 9% of unemployed in the USA

Their product offerings go from kids to rimless to titanium, clip ons, spring hinges, large mens- a big selection for consumers. They even have a ‘memory’ flex titanium

I went on Optiboard to see what others have to say:

‘We use Modern for our Budget frames. We take no insurance, and offer no sales. We use them mostly for 2nd pair’s and for back up glasses for Cl wearer’s. I package price them. It is also a good alternative to the occasional “Thats to expensive, I’m going to Walmart’

‘I use Modern Optical for those that don’t want to go over their “frame allowances” their frames are actually really nice for the price, andthey don’t hurt the wallet.’

Craft Optics Telescopes For Work and Play

Definitely some good testimonials and more are on optiboard too. Plus they are nice people (always good!)

Modern just added Craft Optics (Jeff Caplan) one of our favorites to their mix of products. Craft Optics supplies Lifestyle Telescopes to eyecare professionals. A very nice add-on sale.

We are honored that Modern Optical is now aboard on our family of sponsors!

If you are looking for value added products, a very nice company and one that has been around for over 30 years, we recommend you check out Modern Optical.

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  1. I did not know about this company’s product before, looks interesting as a lot of the budget eyewear I see is not good quality. Will have to check this out…

  2. J. Smith says:

    I love Modern. I think they’re a great company that truly practices what they preach, which is loyalty, customer service, style, commient, and price! I’ve always been impressed with them and am very thankful to do business with a great family owned company.

  3. This article is right on! I can’t say enough good things about Modern and the way they do business. They have a great product at a great price. You can’t loose with Modern!

  4. Modern Optical sells frames for all fashion tastes at good prices with excellent service.