Nine Spook-tacluar Spider Shades

Spiders are always associated with Halloween. probably because people fear spiders more than they do death. Despite that fact, did you know that the average person eats 8 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping? (Source) I guess that mean, all you need for a Halloween costume is a pair of Spider Shades.

Nine Scary Spider Eyeglasses

Limited Edition Spider Eyewear by Parasite

Limited Edition Spider Eyewear by Parasite

This might stop you from eating chocolate- the average chocolate bar has 8 insects legs in it.

Spider Glasses on

Spider Glasses on

Back in 2012 Maui Jim made this Spiderman Shades


Isn’t this a spectacular work of art? See closeups on Picassa  Optical Shop in Japan I think.



You can actually make these yourself: See how at Trinkets in Bloom. 

Spider-halloween-sunglasses- Spider

Image credit unknown


Jaesyn Burke Couture

 On Etsy

Delfina Delettrez in collaboration with Mikli made a spider crawling eyewear back in 2010


 From Hi-Tek, a modern steampunk web flip up sunglasses

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