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About eight years ago, I was somewhere lost in Texas and ran across this line of new eyewear called OGI. Then I ran across it again and again and again. Who are these people?? While everyone was showing boring stainless steel, they were showing color, lots of color. While everyone was trying to fit a progressive in small frames, they offered a fashion product in which you could fit almost every progressive. Finally I met Dan Lieberman, president of OGI Frames at a Vision Expo, who despite his packed booth took the time out to speak with me about what OGI Frames are about. OGI Frames were launched in 1997 by founder and designer David Spencer to appeal to the affordable luxury eyewear target market of the ‘young, fashion forward thinkers‘ . Speaking with Dan, he stressed the importance of being honest with his customers, providing customer service and quality eyewear you can trust and rely on. If he is as honest and forthright with his customers as he was with me, then this is a company you can trust.

OGI 3061 in Cameo

OGI Style 3061 In Cameo

I have to give OGI alot of credit, they are going through a brand overhaul to solidify OGI direction as a powerful luxury eyewear brand. A new fresh contemporary logo, a youthful ad campaign, a blog on their site demonstrates their commitment to growing OGI into a design centered eyewear company.

The bold, new logo was the final step in the transition from Ogi’s position as “the brand next door” to a refined, design centered eyewear company in the forefront of the fashion industry,” said Director of Marketing Phil Windyk. “We wanted the new logo to reflect our strong, modern aesthetic and leave a definitive impression even if it is only seen quickly or on something as small as a temple,” he added. The new branding efforts as well as the increased exposure around the world give only a glimpse of what Ogi Eyewear has in its sights for the future.

OGI New 9064 - Sunclip available

OGI Style #9064 - Sunclip available

Complimenting and reinforcing the updated new look, all Ogi frames come with a black clamshell hardcase with a lime crushed velour lining. Each frame comes with an embossed cleaning cloth. Point-of-purchase materials include an Ogi logo cube, two sizes of counter cards and large window banners.

OGI Style OK61 Sunclip Availab

OGI Style OK61 Sunclip Available

To round out their collections they also offer Seraphin Eyewear, vintage and retro styling (be sure to visit the Seraphin Blog) and Scojo New York,a line of upscale reading glasses.

This is what I know, I am so happy I’m not selling frames anymore, I hated to compete with their product! The quality is there, the price is right, the colors appealing and most of all they sell! What more could you want?

Picture 4

Seraphin Vintage and Retro Eyewear From OGI

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