Romantic Red Eyewear For Valentines Day

Tura L690

Getting ready for Valentines Day, one of the top shopping days in the year, remember to stock plenty of red eyeglasses. Before you say, ‘my customers don’t buy red’: Think again, if you don’t stock red eyewear, your customer won’t buy it. Remember your customers are wearing red clothes, shoes, lipstick, accessories and nail polish, they do buy red, they are just not thinking of buying red eyewear because they haven’t had the opportunity to try on a good selection of reds that go with their skin tones.

Red is a very sexy color, (why else is there so much red lipstick?) In color psychology red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is the color of love, people wear red clothes to be noticed. In dispensing, red eyewear might help people in negotiations or confrontations. It is a power color. Note how many professional speakers wear red, in either clothing or ties.

Classique Eyewear :Style T721 in Red

Who can wear red? Almost anyone can wear red, but you have to have the right shade to go with skin tones. If someone puts on a red frame and it doesn’t make their skin glow, you got the wrong color of red.

Red coloring recommendations:

Light: Blonde hair or light brown hair, blue, grey or green eyes. Lighter reds with blue undertones.

Red Hair with any eye color, reds should be Orange colored. Usually works with a golden skin tone.

OGI Style 7108

Dark brown or Black Hair with dark eyes. Need strong vibrant reds with blue undertones. A red/black combination can be striking on a dark hair person. Dark brown and black hair with blue eyes- bright luscious reds work best.

Ash Blond or gray hair with any eye colors should stick to the purple reds. Make sure they have blue undertones as well.

Dark blonde or brown hair with eyes that are soft colored in blue, green or brown: Soft and muted reds will work for you.

Best Image: Anita in Wine

The above are just a few of romantic red frames, perfect for any Valentine Day Gift and extremely saleable to your patients.

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