Top 14 Most Expensive Eyewear In The World

Dolce Gabbana Most Expensive Eyewear Ever

Everyone always wants to know the most expensive eyewear ever! After much research, I have listed the most expensive eyewear ever and I am sure I am missing a few.

The top honor probably goes to Dolce and Gabbana $383,609 pair of glasses that was launched in 2008.

Luxuriator Diamond and 18K Gold Eyewear- $65,000

Gold and Wood- $65,000 Diamond and Buffalo Horn Eyewear

Lotos Gold Spectacles has solid gold  or platinum with precious stones

Opti Jewel only 125 pairs made

Cartier 2010 Collection with Gold and Diamonds- $12,000- $60,000

Lugano Diamonds and Barton Perreria have a large selection of solid gold with gemstones- Cost $27,000

Opti Jewel– Offers limited edition sunglasses made with gold or platinum and diamonds. Cost 150,000,00 Euros

Limited Edition Wayfarer with 18Kt Gold Carl Zeiss Lenses- $18, 165

Bentley Limited Edition Platinum Sunglasses– $18,000

Jonny Vavas– Custom diamond eyewear for $8500

Porsche Sunwear- $6670

Cartier Eyewear- $12, 000- $60,000

Michele Robison-Handmade 18 Kt Gold with Diamonds by- $4,000

Oakley’s Elite C Six Carbon Fiber Graphite Sports Performance Eyewear

Moss Lipow – Ostrich Eyewear $3800

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  1. Luxury will never die…their will always be the need for opulence and indulgence…Thank GOD!

  2. Handmade 14 & 18K solid gold yellow, white, pink and
    Pure Silver .925 or V2A Steel high Carbon. Made in México

  3. This is unbelievable! I never knew anyone made glasses like these!

  4. LuxuryEyeGuy says:

    Your figures are incorrect. Look into the house of Cartier and you will find eyewear sold at over a HALF MILLION DOLLARS. There are several styles over 200k including opera glasses of solid gold encrusted with over105 CT of diamond,saphires and emeralds. With Cartier 60k isn’t even in the true luxury range. CHOPARD has created a sunglass estimated at over 400k. GUESS created a sun frame retailing at over 380k. Most of what you have listed doesnt be mentioned.on this list. Thanks for the effort, but dig a little deeper and find the big boys of the eyeglass world. And remember…..A FOOL AND THEIR MONEY ARE EASILY PARTED. Thank God for it, it makes my.job a whole lot easier.

  5. You are correct, we have done Luxury Eyewear in the past which has included the Chopard, and more for up to $400,000. ORgreen, Lindburgh also make eyewear up in those price ranges. The problem we have.. is getting images as many of these in the over $15,000 are private. Petros the Hague and others make custom eyewear jewelry that will also retail over..


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