What To Eyewear For Opening Day At Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars, the Force Awakens as Star Wars VII the endless series is opening on December 18 worldwide. . Over the years many people have tried to capitalize on Star Wars Shades. Back in 2012 these Star Wars glasses were retailing for around $500. Made by Japanese company Aigen 


But you know what, there are several ways you can go with Star Wars Shades. These Futuristic Masks from Parasite can be used for a myriad of events besides opening day of Star Wars VII. Mardi-Gras, Day of The Dead, Halloween, National Smog Day (there isn’t one) Called the Double Sentinel the Robotic masks comes in two colors with offset glowing eyes.


Parasite Eyewear. Image Parasite Eyewear

Parasite Eyewear. Image Parasite Eyewear

For those who love Star Wars and want a kinder, simpler version, make your out of any rimless style. These Darth Vader Shades were made for a Santinelli contests.

Santinellis Darth Vader

Image Credit: Santinelli  Darth Vader Eyewear 

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