What To Eyewear With a Mankini

It appears that the Mankini has made it’s way from Venice Beach and Muscle Pumping contests to the runway. So what do you eyewear with this thong look for men? Do you wear Flashy Shades to detract from the ‘packaging’ or eyewear a subtle look, which goods do you advertise?

Want to see what others are looking at? Definitely need Flash Mirrors, giving an updated cool and sporty look.

Wiley X’s, ANSI eyewear, will protect the wearer from the hordes of bystanders, the Emerald Flash Mirror hides the eyes

Wiley X Scissors With Emerald Green Flash Mirrors

Want the eyewear look that bystanders are looking a more than the Mankini? Try Classique Eyewear’s Kactor, sleek racing wrap design

Classique Eyewear Kactor Style KS031

A look that puts a Puma in your Tank?? (By Charmant)

Puma Eyewear-by Charmant

If you are performing indoors, sunglasses may not be the right statement, but hey even ‘nerds’ can wear Mankini’s.

Tura- Goldfinch Style GO27

On the other hand, perhaps as the modeler of Mankini’s wants the attention to be diverted off the face, yet wants people to know that wearing a Mankini is a fashion statement, so a rimless yet a bolder look from Randy Jackson Eyewear might just the thing.

Randy Jackson Style 1018

Source- Trend de la Creme

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  1. Woohoo, I will be looking out for these on the beach and wearing really dark shades so no one can see me looking….Very fun post and great eyewear