What’s It Worth? $15,000 Lanvin Sunwear By Phillippe Chevallier

I was tooling around ebay for some unique vintage product and found these Vintage Lanvin by Philippe Chevallier for $15,000! (starting price) All which got me to wondering who Philippe Chevallier was and what was his affiliation with Lanvin?, I say was because French Actor and comedian Philippe Chevallier, just died on Nov 3, 2012. Not too much information available, and not too much vintage product either.. just about 5 pieces and a few pieces in Japan- ergo, the price.

Apparently these are from 1970 but had eyewear from 1960’s.

Source: ebay.com via Optical on Pinterest


These are $12,000

Source: ebay.com via Optical on Pinterest


$12,000 for the 1970’s Ladies Vintage Ski Goggle

Source: ebay.com via Optical on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Optical on Pinterest



Source: ebay.de via Optical on Pinterest

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