Where To Find Out What Eyewear Celebrities Are Wearing

Zoe Saldana Wearing MODO

It’s Summertime which means lot of new movies and eyewear and consumers who want to know what they are wearing. Our top resources to find out what eyewear the celebrities are wearing:

Before we get into this first: Many celebrity pictures are copyrighted, which is why we don’t do celebrity images anymore. So if you want to post a celebrity pic, you might just have to pay for it… just as a word of caution. The next is Marchon, Safilo and Luxottica have a big presence in movies.. If you see that a celebrity is wearing Oakley, and you want to put it on your website.. ask them first.  For instance, Safilo has tons of celebrity pics, but they cannot be used on a blog.. yep.. no Safilo Star’s sunglasses on our site unless it is specified we can use. To find them, go to the press section on their websites.

But, other companies such as MODO, ClearVision do have movie and TV presence. You can contact them or even go to Optical Vision Resources to see. Not alot there, sorry, we don’t want any letters about copyrighting. You can also go an visit our Pinterest Board on Celebrity Eyewear. We re-pin celebs pics from the Trade Press and Eyecessorize.

Most of the Trade Press has a Celebrity Section, you can always get the updates with your subscription. Whether you can use those images, you will have to ask them and I would.. You don’t want Getty Images sending you a bill for $450.00, which happened to one eye doctor who contacted us about images .

On another note, many other nichy vendors do quite a bit with celebrities. If they have a blog like Mercura NYC, they will post on their blog, some post on their website. Again, I caution to ask first if you can use the image.

That said:

Facebook Resources 

Celebrity Sunglass Watcher 

Celebrity Eyeworks is actually a movie prop house’ who places eyewear on actors and actresses for the movies

Celebrity Eyewear Finders and Resources

Sunglass ID – Updated information by celebrity, style and movie.

Celebrity Sunglass Blog– older blog- not updated but some good information on pre 2007 celebrities

Celebrity Sunglass Finder- Old blog, last entry was September of 2011. but still has some good information. See on Facebook with update information

Eye Zone- Blog of Frames Direct- has a section on Celebrity Eyewear Sightings

Sunglasses Onstage– interesting blog with some celebrity posting and some eyewear ‘outings’ like who knocks off who.

Frame Vendors 

Miyagi– had a celebrity buzz category.

Safilo has a press section of which if posted there, you can use that image.

Mosley Tribes- Has a caught on Camera and news on Twitter

Other Resources

Retrospecs–  Good information on what celebrity’s are wearing and similiar product that can be worn.

Silver Lining Opticians 

These are only a part, fortunately today with social media, it is easier to find out who is wearing what.


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