33+ Ways To Reuse Eyeglass Cases – Opportunities For Eyecare Professsionals

Always in the green and save mode and thinking of ways to reuse everyday optical-eyecare objects it occurred to me while we did a post on reusing eyeglasses cases to make a Train Set -we haven’t done how many other ways can you reuse Eyeglass Cases? When I started listing all the ways you can reuse or  use eyeglass cases..WOW- what a great opportunity for eyecare professionals. Thinking out of the eyeglass box.. eyeglass cases are not just for eyeglasses anymore.. Why not set up a ‘Store Within A Store‘ concept just with different types of eyeglass cases and do up some demo- displays like the below.

1.) Reuse for mani-pedi set




2.) Reuse for Ear Buds



3.) Reuse Eyecase Case and Make a Clutch Purse



Because I don’t have images, I am using Altoid Tins as an example of how you can reuse Eyeglass cases.. since it’s the Same concept:

4.) Make a Miniature Garden

Source: google.com via Optical on Pinterest


5.) Miniature Emergency Kits



6.) Secret Stash


7.) Steampunk Art


8.) Reuse and Hold Crayons



9.) Hold Painting supplies

reuse-eyeglass cases-paints


10.) Make a miniature suitcase

Tin Suitcase


11.) Make a Pool Table



12.) Make a Zen Garden



13.) Make a Solar Charger



13.) Make a Solar Powered Radio


14.) Hold Kleenex or other like materials


15.) Make A Catapult


16.) Make a Candle


17. Make a Photo Album


18.) Use as a soap dish or put extra soap in when you travel
19.) Store Flashdrives and other small desk items such as paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands
20.) Make a small sewing kit or organize sewing kit items.

21.) Keep pocket change in purse or in the car.
22.) Store hair accessories, such as barrettes, scrunchies and bobby pins
23.) Use as an ashtray
24.) Store keys so they don’t get lost.
25.) Store jewelry, great for traveling

26.) Put Potpourri in
27.) Store fishing lures

28.) Hide or store snacks or food for later.
29.) Put postal stamps in
30.) Store small game pieces

31.) Store inhalers, smaller medical equipment, diabetes in.

32.) Store Scissors



33.) Use as a mini-Tool Kit

There are hundreds of ways to reuse eyeglass cases of all types… why only use for just a pair of eyeglasses?

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For more information please visit: Green Eco Services, Pinterest on Reusing Tins.

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