17 Eco Friendly Eye Sculptures And Art

This is our annual update on reusing eyeglasses and lenses to make eye-credible works of art. As many of  you many  know we ran with HOYA a reuse Lenses Holiday Ornament contest and we try to post reusing eyeglasses and lenses on a monthly basis. For more  Eco Friendly Ideas Please see Eco  Friendly Eyecare or our Pinterst Board on Reusing Eyewear: We ran across some New ways to reuse both lenses and eyewear.   Check them out!

I don’t think I have posted  most of these before!

Sunglass Snowman

reuse eyeglasses snowman


EyeGlass sculpture


Sunglass Window Shades

Eyeglass Sculpture


Eyeglass Sculpture Man


Eyeglass Sculpture Made With Computer parts


Eyeglasses From Computer Parts


Eyeglass Holder from Computer Parts


Urchins, the series of three shaggy lights is made up of the arms of hundreds of eye glasses (Treehugger)


Eyeglass Lense- Mailboxes


Eye Chart- Made up of chopped up metro cards by Nina Boesch: Brooklyn Bronx Queens Staten Island Manhattan

Source: enpundit.com via Optical on Pinterest


Metro Card Eyeglasses


Reuse Eyeglasses- Make Calendar


Reuse Eyeglasses Make A book


Eyeglass Decor- Europtics


Polyethylene Goggles 2 by ~SirMamaBear The goggles are hand crafted from reclaimed recycled soda plastic.


Bicycle Eyeglasses

Source: protokolkoltugu.tumblr.com via Optical on Pinterest

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