Green and Save- Water In The Eyecare Office


One of the things Americans take for granted that is a luxury in most of the world is clean water and a true luxury is clean water right from the tap. The average African family uses about 5 gallons of water a day and the average American family uses 80-1000 gallons a day per person. In fact water and especially clean water is fast becoming a global crisis. Even in the United States, 21 states including Alaska and Hawaii have drought conditions. Thankfully we in California have had rain this year, but it not enough rain to stop our water rationing.

Despite water rationing in California, the cost of water has gone up 7-20% depending on the water district. Just by the nature of being an medical office, washing hands, contact lens cleaning and flushing toilets eyecare offices use tons of water. Some cities and states are offering REBATES (saving more green) for water saving devices. To find out how you much water you can save- here is a free Water Calculator

There are many things an office can do to save water, some are free and others require a purchase that will save green.

Top 10 Ways To Save Green In an Office

  1. Installing aerators on faucets (about $10) can reduce the amount of water coming out while maintaining water pressure. Kitchen Faucet Aerator On/Off / Water Saving Swivel Spray Stream 2.0 gpm
  2. Installing an instant hot water heater- I installed a Laing  hot water heater in my house ACT-303-BTW autocirc ($256 on Amazon) It takes 2 seconds for instant hot water. In fact, My brother installed, my mother installed, her plumber installed it, my handyman installed it, his son installed it and my neighbor installed it.  This device is fantastic!
  3. When washing hands don’t let the water run as you are soaping up. Turn off the water (savings about 3 gallons)
  4. Use Cold Water as much as possible-
  5. Old toilets- put in a water displacement device even rocks can help save the gallons of water used being flushed. An don’t throw tissues in the toilet and flush, use the trash. Savings about 2 gallons a flush.
  6. Landscaping, plant native plants, mulch and water early evening or morning. Savings 150 Gallons/water
  7. Kitchen, don’t wash dishes one at a time, save until the end of the day and wash together. Savings 5-10 gallons of water. If you want that extra cup of coffee, don’t make a full pot, and water plants with leftover coffee instead of putting down the drain.
  8. Insulate your water heater- Energy saving and water savings.
  9. If you brush your teeth at work- turn off the water when brushing- saving 3 gallons
  10. Fix leaks- Saving 20 gallons a day

Labs and Lab Equipment

Having an in-house lab can be a dollar saver to an eyecare office. But, the amount of water used is a lot! Briot’s Alta Pro Edger , all in one Surfacer and edger reduces water consumptions up to 30% of the average use of water in lens processing. For the record, Briot also recycles all scrap metal. Fast Grind International all in one surfacer /edger water can be reclaimed and reused and the blocking pads can be used up to 400x before replacement). Santinelli’s Edgers Lfu 220 tank and pump hybrid systems can reduce water consumption as well.  Vision Systems– has a selection of pre-owned equipment from the above .


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