Optometrist Seeking CellPhone For Soldiers

Several years ago we did a post on Recycling Cell Phones  as an opportunity for Eye Care Professionals. This just showed up in our google alerts. Dr. Robert E. Reid (OD) is asking all residents to donate Cell Phones for Soldiers as a fund-raisers.

MARION – Optometrist Dr. Robert E. Reid and nonprofit Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. is asking Marion residents to help troops call home by donating gently used cellphones. With ongoing deployments to combat areas and elsewhere, up to 369,000 troops are serving in the U.S. military overseas. By donating cellphones, Marion residents can provide troops with a connection to loved ones back home. Beginning today, residents can donate phones at Reid’s office, 1112 Mount Vernon Ave. ( Source)

Not to be outdone, Seaside Vision has teamed with Keep Charleston Beautiful to recycle cell phone. ‘ To help Keep Charleston Beautiful collect more cell phones (and therefore keep more out of the landfill) we are offering our patients a $25 credit when they bring in their unwanted phones.  That credit can be applied towards an eye exam, eyeglasses, or sunglasses ‘ This is for a limited time. 

So whether it’s cell phones or shoes , these types of recycling events do several things

1.) Shows you care about your community

2.) Sets you apart from the competition

3.) Gives you Great Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.. fodder,

4.) Increases the talk factor not only for you but as you can see your local press.

5.) Increases visibility in the community..

6.) Opens doors to potentially new patients

and hopefully

7.) Increases business.

Just think, if I wanted to recycle my cell phone and plugged in recycle cell phone in marion, Ga, who would have come up first!


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