Why Are We Doing Shark Week?

Many of you were scared to death in Jaws, maybe some of you have seen sharks in the wild and maybe you watch Shark Week, a weeklong TV program launched in 1987 dedicated to bringing awareness to sharks. Sharks are in serious decline globally and in some areas up to 90%. The cause of decline, human, over- fishing and now Finning.

The thing is, people are afraid of sharks and think that sharks have no use in this world. In reality, as predators, sharks help keep our marine eco- system in balance. If there were no sharks, our oceans would turn into a giant bog. The shark eat the species that eat the the algae eaters. With the algae eaters gone, think murky, greenish algae water and that is what our oceans would turn into. What else would happen, with algae increasing, the shellfish would decrease, no shrimp, no oysters, no scallops… I hope you see the picture.

Eye Bogglers:

  • Sharks Kill 12 People a year
  • People Kill 11,417 Sharks per hour
  • 38 Million Sharks are killed per year for shark finning alone.

Right now one of the biggest threats to sharks is the Practice of Shark Finning, This is where fisherman, throw ‘chum’ into the water, net a bunch of sharks, cut off their fins, thrown them back into the water to die or bring them back to shore to die.  While Shark Finning (illegal in the USA) is on the upswing, did you know that almost every part of the the shark can be reused? Not only can you eat shark flesh, Sharkskin has been used as leather and in eyeglass cases. The teeth are used in jewelry, liver shark oil can be used for machine oil, vitamin A supplement and in cosmetics, The Cornea, similar to humans has been used in surgery, shark cartilage has become a source of anti- cancer agents (no evidence)





In answer to the question, why are we doing Shark Week? First to bring your attention to sharks and try to change their reputation as sea scavengers to an important part of our eco- systems. The last is to not eat Shark Fin Soup and discourage Shark Finning. That said, we want to have a little fun! We hope you come along on our Swimming with the Sharks Week at The Optical Vision Site.

More information on How Sharks help humans Discovery 

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