3 Sculptures Made With Recycled Trash

For America Recycles Day we are honoring those who have the creative vision to take things we throw up and make into amazing pieces of art.

This 9 x 7 foot tall sculpture sponsored by Costa was created by Washed Ashore and comprises of beach trash.


Giant Eyeglass-Eyeball Sculpture is a billboard.. saying what we don’t know. You can see the eyes are made from canoes, looking closer, some furniture.

Found on jamesburnsdesign.com

Found on jamesburnsdesign.com

Created by Cyril Kabiru, the artist who has gone viral with his up cycled eyewear, made this eyeglass sculpture all from trash.

Cyrus Kirby Hummingbird

Cyrus Kabiru Hummingbird

Kudos to any aspiring artist. This just shows you, a true vision can make treasure from trash.

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