Adlens Launches Partnership With Fight For Sight

October 8th, 2015 – Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, is marking World Sight Day by announcing a new and exciting partnership with Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading eye research charity. Fight for Sight logo

In the first year of an anticipated long-term partnership, Adlens has committed to raising funds that will go towards research into the causes, detection, treatment and prevention of sight loss and eye diseases.

The company has pledged to donate 7.5% of all Instant Eyewear sales to their charity partners, including Fight for Sight, this will be supported through mass employee engagement events up until the end of 2015. The company has signed up to Fight for Sight’s Feast Your Eyes event, which is encouraging people to dine in the dark between 16 – 22 October.

Dr Graeme MacKenzie, Director of Industry and Regulatory Affairs at Adlens, said: “Adlens is driven by its mission to transform people’s vision across the world, and funding research into the treatment and prevention of sight loss is essential to this.

“With promising developments in stem cell advances and gene therapy, it has never been a more exciting time for eye research and there are huge opportunities for scientists – if they have the funding required.

“Fight for Sight has a remarkable history of scientific breakthroughs and we hope our support will allow more scientists to make life-changing discoveries in eye research.”

Catherine Woodhead, Director of Fundraising at Fight for Sight, said: “We’re proud to be partnering with such an exciting company like Adlens. We have a fantastic opportunity to put sight loss at the forefront of people’s minds and highlight the importance of contributing to eye research. Adlens

“Together we can demonstrate our commitment to deliver significant research advances to prevent and treat eye conditions – creating a future everyone can see.”

The partnership is the next step in the expansion of Adlens’ social mission programme that aims to transform vision across the world. As well as continuing to design and manufacture products that allow people to see clearly, Adlens will be forming partnerships to fund eye research and bring vision correction to people across the world. It will also be pursuing more social innovation programmes to inspire people to challenge the current barriers to eye care, such as the recent ‘Leading for Impact’ programme ran with the University of Oxford and DO School.

Join the fight against sight loss – sign up and receive your free Feast your Eyes pack, complete with blindfolds, please visit or call 020 7264 3900.

About Adlens

Co-founded in 2005 in Oxford, England by investor and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens is the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, eyecare professionals and designers has developed a completely new category of vision correction. Adlens is a commercial business with a social soul. Vision for a Nation® is the innovative foundation partnered with Adlens that runs a charitable programme, aiming to provide universal access to eyewear one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda. I I

About Fight for Sight

1.) Fight for Sight is the leading UK charity dedicated to funding pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

2.) Fight for Sight is funding research at leading universities and hospitals throughout the UK. Major achievements to date include:

• saving the sight of thousands of premature babies through understanding and controlling levels of oxygen delivery

• restoring sight by establishing the UK Corneal Transplant Service enabling over 52,000 corneal transplants to take place

• providing the funding for the research leading to the world’s first clinical trial for choroideremia

• bringing hope to children with inherited eye disease by helping to fund the team responsible for the world’s first gene therapy clinical trial

• identifying new genes responsible for keratoconus and Nance-Horan syndrome

3.) Fight for Sight’s current research programme is focusing on preventing and treating age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract. We are also funding research into the causes of childhood blindness and a large number of rare eye diseases.

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