Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events

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Eyecare Marketing- Eco Friendly Events That Engage Customers

One of the best competitive edges that the eyecare professional has is the person to person contact, the human touch. As much as Facebook and Twitter can engage your patients, there is nothing like that one on one personal contact. Today consumers and your patients want more reasons to shop at your office and one of the best things an eyecare professional do is get involved in community events, especially events that have a charitable or sustainable cause. In fact recent studies have shown that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase items and services from companies that give back.

Saturday, Sept 25th was Clean Up Day in San Diego. (In actuality Clean Up Day is a national event) and as I was picking up litter around my neighborhood, it occurred to me that an Optical Clean Up Day would be a perfect event for any eyecare professional. It would engage your patients by asking them to get involved, it shows your community spirit and it is an excellent cause because 80% of people hate litter.

There are several ways you can go about having an annual community-patient event that would enhance your image and reputation and provide a big competitive edge over online eyewear companies.

1. Get together with your building, strip center or mall and combine your efforts with all your customers to have a clean up day.

2.) Get your local optical society to sponsor an event, can you imagine the press that if every optometrist and optician and optical personnel had a clean up in every corner of your city.

3.) Get a coalition of chiropractors, dentists, ophthalmologist etc to have an Non-Toxic (your City) event.

4.) Hook up with organization such as Keep America Beautiful, Surfriders, local meet up group, EPA to have a Clean Our City.. Event

5.) Hook up with local bloggers who are activists in Litter Prevention

5.) Run a clean up yourself.

Posting the event and after event pics on your website , blog, Facebook and Twitter will set you apart from your competion and give you something to say.

The best part- a cleaner non- toxic environment.


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