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Business changes fast especially in the Charitable Giving arena. To commit oneself to a socially responsible business is not easy to do on a long term basis. Some companies have become a Public B corporation, others have gone to capsule collections that have ‘Give Back’ program, others have ceased completely.

As of today we have updated our list of eyecare/eyewear companies both online and wholesale that have a Sustainable Business Model. Many of the give back companies that we listed in January 2016 are not in existence anymore and we have added some new companies.

These are not all the companies, many are very private in their giving back. Some companies such contribute on a case by case basis for events such as Project Homeless Connect.

Here is our updated Philanthropic Eyecare List

One for One Eyewear Platforms 

  1. 141 Eyewearfers a one for one programs. Wholesale eyewear company based in Oregon
  2. Ace and Tate (UK) wholesaler and retailer of eyewear. Offers a one for one program.
  3. Adlens (UK and USA) variable focus eyewear has a one for one program. In partnership with Fight For Sight. Had won numerous design and philanthropic awards.
  4. Contacts For Good. Online company started by an optometrist that gives an eye exam for every pair of contacts sold.
  5. Diff Eyewear (Gardena, CA) online retailer. For every frame sold, gives one to Eyes on Africa.
  6. Envision Eyewear (Athens, Georgia) Every pair of readers sold, one is given. Wholesale eyewear company. guide_dog_foundation_medium
  7. Eye4Eyewear (OH) One for one program and gives back to education.
  8. Eyejusters (UK) adjustable lenses eyewear. Wholesale and retail eyewear. When a frame is purchased they donate a frame.
  9. Eyenack (Washington, DC) bamboo Eyewear online and through selected retailers. Buy a pair and donate a pair to children. Works with schools in Washington DC.
  10. Indivijual Eyes (TX) Bespoke online dealer, who will donate a frame for every frame order.
  11. Ivory Mason (Los Angeles, CA) Online Eyewear business.  For every eyeglass purchase they donate one to either Baby2Baby or the Center for the Partially Sighted
  12. Jimmy Fairly (France) has store locations, offers a one for one program.
  13. Karmoie Eyewear (Norway:) Partners with Eyejusters for a one to one program. Wholesale and retail frames.
  14. Milk Eyewear (Arcadia, CA) one for one program and will donate a frame to New Eyes For The Needy
  15. Modo (New York) offers several programs, one for planting trees and another for a one for one.
  16. Modern Optical, Readerwear, gives a pair for every pair sold.
  17. Smart Buy Glasses (USA, China, UK) Online eyewear company that has a one for one program
  18. Toms glasses (CA) wholesale and retail that offers a one for one give back program.
  19. Von Zipper Eyewear (Irvine, CA) has a one for one program.
  20. Warby Parker (NY) one for one. Sells online and has retail locations.
  21. We Wear Wood (Salt Lake City, UT)

Eyewear Companies giving Back To Vision Charities logo-for-website

  1. Anthropose (Nepal) For every 10 pair sold, a cataract surgery is given. Frames are sold online as well as through retailers.
  2. Article One (Chicago, IL) Gives back to Helen Keller International. Attends Vision Expo.
  3. Bambooka (UK) Gives back to Eyewear Africa. Online bamboo sunglass company.
  4. Blue Planet Eyewear (Carpentria, CA) Wholesale only. Eyewear using recycled materials.  Gives back to Lions Club.
  5. Bohten (Canada) partnered with Sight Savers. For every pair sold a donation is made. Wholesale and Retail. They were on Dragons Den Canada.
  6. Chromos Eyewear (PA) Retail Store, wholesales and retails eyewear. Chromos Cares provides eye exams for children in need.
  7. Coastal Contacts (Owned by Essilor) Online Eyewear and Contact Lenses. gives back to Change The View to distribute eyeglasses and Vitamin A to those in need.
  8. Daybreak Sunglasses (Australia) In Guatemala they work with the Visualiza Eye Care System and provide eye care in San Marcos, Guatemala City, and the Petén area.
  9. Dharma Eyewear (Farmingdale, NY) Gives back 5% to Optometry Giving Sight. Online company.
  10. Ellison Eyewear (Iowa) Gives back by providing funds to Aravind Eyecare System.
  11. Envision Eyewear (Ohio) Provides glasses to those in need. Wholesale eyewear company.
  12. Eyewear Pros (Staten Island, NY) Gives $5.00 back for every purchase for every frame sold. Online company.
  13. Eyes of Faith (PA) Gives back to Vision Charities. Goes on Mission Trip to save sight. Wholesale company, attends optical industry trade shows.
  14. Fello Eyewear (California) Online eyewear company that was funded on Indiegogo. They give $5.00 of every frame sold to VOSH International.
  15. Femie Eyewear (MD) Started by Optometrist, 5% of the sales go back to Optometry Giving Sight.
  16. FGX (Essilor Company) Gives back to various vision charities, including and local charitable organizations.
  17. Green Eyes Eyewear Partners with Prevent Blindness America. Will donate a portion for every frame sold in the USA. Online Eyewear company.
  18. Grown Design (Australia) FSC certifiedWood and Bamboo Eyewear company that works with SEVA.
  19. Jambo Eyewear (UK) online bamboo eyewear company giving back to Sight Savers.
  20. Jonas Paul (MN) Online childrens eyewear that donates back to Restoring Sight.
  21. Panda Eyewear (DC) Works with Optometry Giving Site. Bamboo eyewear online.
  22. Paul S. Morton Eyewear;( USA) Online eyewear company. Will donate back $5.00 to whom we do not know for every frame sold. Also accepts gently used eyewear to donate back to those in need. Works with Eyes of Hope.
  23. Proof Eyewear (Idaho) Multitude of Give Back programs. Have helped build eye clinics in India and El Salvador. Attends Vision Expo. Wholesale and Retail company.
  24. Front Row Eyewear (USA) Online company. Buyers have the choice to donate to SEVA or Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind.
  25. Pterys (USA) Give back for prevention of Pterys in Haiti. Online eyewear company.
  26. Rejwan Eyewear (Tarzana, CA) Owned by an optometrist, they give back to Prevent Blindness. Online eyewear company.
  27. Revo Eyewear (Clearvision Optical and Legacie) Gives Back $10 for every frame sold to fight for sight . In partnership with Bono. Both companies are members of The Vision Council, attend Vision Expos. Wholesale company only.
  28. Solo Eyewear (San Diego, CA) Wholesale and retail products. Works with Restoring Vision
  29. ViFlex (North Carolina) Adjustable eyewear, gives back to Vision Charities
  30. Waveborn Eyewear (Washington DC) Contributes back to Cataract Surgery. Online Eyewear Company.

Eyewear Companies Giving Back To Animals

  1. Extinct Eyewear (CA) Gives back to animals. online eyewear company. They did not make their funding goal but appear to be still in business.
  2. Fetch Eyewear (Oregon) Donates 100% of profits to Animal Shelters
  3. Jacques Maria Mage (Los Angeles) Gives back to Wolves. Sell online as well as through retailers.
  4. Kaenon- Participates in Sup with A Pup every year. Member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo. Wholesale and Retail products.
  5. Monkey Glasses– Give back To Orangutans. Wholesale and Retails products.
  6. Paws N Claws (PA) Gives back to ASPCA. Distributed through eyewear distributors. Wholesale and Retail products.
Allyn Scura

Allyn Scura


  1. Barring Eyewear (PA) Gives back to Cancer and other local charities in Philadelphia. Online Sunglass company.
  2. ClearVision has an annual Breast Cancer Frame
  3. David Ford and EDA Cancer Sucks campaigns donates back.
  4. DLN Shades Give back 10% to Supports Voices against Brain Cancer.
  5. Sunshades (Australia and NZ) online eyewear company that give back to local cancer events.
  6. Vera Bradley Eyewear (McGee) Gives Back to Breast Cancer.
  7. Wiley X (Livermore, CA) creates the Lacey to give back to Breast Cancer
  8. Hilco offers an annual breast cancer lens cleaner. (Wholesale only)

Children – Education

  1. Aya Eyewear (Canada) Support OneXOne a charity for children in need.
  2. Eyewear Insight (CA) online company that gives 10% back to education to anyone who has a fundraising event using their products.
  3. Jimmy Swagg Eyewear (NY) Gives back to Beyond The Boroughs in NY for education.
  4. Kate Young For Tura (NY, NY) Gives back to Child Mind Institute
  5. Land Over Yonder, (St. George, UT) Wood eyewear that provides education for children in Africa. Crowdsourced funded.
  6. Roshambo (San Diego, CA) Childrens eyewear online that give back to Autism. Funded on Kickstarter.
  7. Swift Eyewear (Vancouver, BC) gives back to Online company.
  8. Velvet Eyewear (NY) Gives back to Velvet Foundation For the Arts. Wholesale and can purchase online. Attends optical trade shows.


  1. Eyemusement (MN) For every frame sold, they give $2.00 to Doctors Without Borders. Wholesale and sells online.
  2. Lucid Eyewear (Mammoth, CA) for every frame sold, buy a malaria net for those in need. They work with the Kedesh Orphanage in Mozambique, Africa
  3. Woo Class (Italy) gives back to people with Psychic problems


  1. Balboa Eyewear (Newport Beach, CA) Supports Meals on Wheels. This sunglass line was funded on Kickstarter.

Marine Conservation

  1. Chief Eyewear (Australia) $5.00 of each pair sold is either donated back to Kids With Cancer or Seabird Rescue.
  2. Costa (Owned by Essilor) (Florida) Gives back to Marine Conservation and started Kick The Plastic Campaign. Kenny Chesney collection gives back to Marine Conservation. Member of The Vision Council. Attends optical trade shoes. Wholesale and can purchase eyewear online.
  3. Dick Moby (Netherlands) Works with Surfrider to help clean oceans.
  4. Ducks Unlimited (GA) Distributed by The McGee Group helps to save the wetlands. Wholesale company. Member of The Vision Council. Attends optical trade shows.
  5. KnockArounds (San Diego, CA) sunglasses that offered a shark sunglass in honor of shark week. Gives back $5.00 to a charity in honor. Purchase online.
  6. SBOJi (CA)  gives back to Paddle for the Planet and Chill.
  7. Spy Optics (Carlsbad, CA)  has a collection in conjunction with Surfriders . Member of The Vision Council. Attends Vision Expo. Supports Think About Your Eyes. Wholesale and can purchase online.

Planting Trees

  1. Alexander Trees (CA) Plants trees and a member of  1% For The Planet,
  2. I am Bamboo (UK) Bamboo Eyewear, Plants Trees, member of Trees For The Future.
  3. John Angus Eyewear (Scotland) Wood eyewear. Buy a pair and they will plant 2 trees.
  4. Keep Wood Eyewear (Kentucky) Plants 50 Trees for every wood sunglass sold.
  5. Kuma Eyewear Plants a tree for every frame sold (wholesale only)
  6. Lumbr Wood Sunglasses (Canada) Online wood sunglass company that plants 50 trees for every purchase with their partner Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden plants trees in communities struggling with extreme poverty and minimal forestation.
  7. Luxottica: (NY, OH) Has several programs in which they give back. Supporter of Think About Your Eyes, has give back frames through Lenscrafters and more.
  8. Medicine Werx Plants 10 trees for every frame sold
  9. Modo (NY) Wholesale  will plant a tree for every frame sold in the Modo Collections. Member of The Vision Council, attends optical trade shows.
  10. Ojos Eyewear (Venice, CA) plants 10 trees for every frame sold, member of 1% For The Planet, utilize Fair Trade accessories. Purchase online or throught their retail locator.
  11. Palowood Eyewear (Spain) Plants trees for every frame sold.
  12. Plantwear (UK) Wood watch and sunglass company. They plant trees in partnership with The Nature Conservacy.
  13. Rezin Stone Eyewear (France) Wholesale and retail sunglass company. Will plant a tree for every frame sold on goodeed website.
  14. Safilo (NY) Supports various events through out the years.
  15. Skog Eyewear (Portugal) Online bamboo sunglass company. Plants 2 trees for every frame sold. Offers a home tryon program.
  16. Splinterr (Belgium) Wholesale and retail eyewear company.
  17. Thrive Shades, (Denver, Colorado) Wood Eyewear company that Plants a tree for every eyeglass sold.
  18. Tree Angle Shop (Australia) Plants a tree for every sunglass sold.
  19. Tree Tribe (San Diego, CA) Online wood and bamboo sunglass store. Plants 10 trees for every sunglass sold.
  20. We Wear Wood (Utah) Online bamboo sunglass line. States they plants a tree for every purchase.
  21. We Wood (CA) Wood eyewear line that plants trees.
  22. Woo Eyewear (Chile) Plants a tree for every wood sunglass sold. The site is in Spanish.
  23. Wood Proof Eyewear (Singapore) Plants a tree for every frame sold. Member of Plant a Billion Trees Program.
  24. Wooed By Wood (San Francisco, CA)
  25. Wood3n Eyewear (Sweden) Wood sunwear line that plants trees in Borneo, a country that has been heavily deforested.
  26. WoodZee (Chico, CA) wood sunglass line that plants a tree for every frame sold.


  1. Liberty Sport contributes every year to Veterans Charity Ride and to  Special Olympics.
  2. Vari Eyewear– Gives back to Wounded Warrior Project
  3. Wiley X (Livermore, CA) gives back to paralyzed veterans and other veteran associations.


  1. Way Bu Sunglasses (CA) provides Aquapak to provide clean water in developing countries. Sold through retailers and online.

Shop By Cause 

  1. Front Row Eyewear Shop by Cause, SEVA, Guide Dogs, Lions Club
  2. Moorea Seal- Department online store. Offers Shop by Cause. Mr. M Eyewear (CA) Buyers have a choice of 4 charities to give back to. Cancer, Veterans, Save the Children and Conservation. Online company
  3. Naked Specs (Australia) Purchasers have a choice of 5 different vision charities to give back to. Online reading glasses.
  4. Penn Avenue Eyewear Shop by Cause platform. Will donate 10% of the sales to a choice of 23 different charities. Pick your eyeglasses and pick a cause. Products is wholesale and sold online.
  5. Ramsey Supply (Gilbert, AZ) Bamboo sunwear company, that did not make funding via Indiegogo, but are proceeding forward. Initially they started with giving back to homeless, but their December program was in conjunction with San Diego Surfboard company giving back to wounded veterans.
  6. The Wild Soul- Pick your glasses and pick your cause. From water to schools. Sold online.
  7. Westward Leaning (San Francisco) Each frame has a stone which symbolizes which charity they donate 10% of net proceeds back to. Clean Air, Clean water to name a few. Sells through selected retailers and online.

General Give Back  

  1. A&A Optical (Texas) Gives back to various local causes including Food Banks.
  2. ClearVision Optical (NY) Eyewear wholesaler gives back to many charities in Long Island, including Food Banks.
  3. Kennedy Seekers (Rhode Island) clothing and sunglass company that gives 15% back to different charities.
  4. Lamy America every year does and end of the year Charity Promotion.
  5. Loewe (Spain) Department store that sells sunglasses. Established Loewe Foundation gives back to Fine Arts.
  6. Maverick Eyewear (Venice, CA) Wood eyewear company that gives back to a varies of causes, from Breast Cancer, education and refugees.
  7. Modern Optical International– Gives back to Lions Club, Kindness is doing something Nice For Kids, Local Food Pantry. Member of the Vision Council, Attends optical industry trade shows. Wholesale company.
  8. Sama Eyewear -(Los Angeles, CA) Wholesale and has retail store locations. Attends Vision Expo. Gives back to Sam Vance Foundation and various foundations including: Hetrick-Martin Institute, Friendly House, Candie’s Event to Prevent, The Rainforest Foundation Carnegie Hall Benefit, The Nerine Shatner Friendly House, A New PATH, The Westside Center for Independent Living, The Shanti Foundation, the Lakers Youth Foundation, the Staples Center Foundation, The Vision Awards, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Project Angel Food, The Foundation Fighting Blindness and MusiCares.
  9. Santellini International (NY) participates in Habitat for Humanity, also donates equipment when needed.
  10. Vision-Ease Lens- (MN) has a corporate sustainability committee, that includes everything from sewing to building houses. They also have made in USA optical lenses.
  11. Walman Optical (MN) has a corporates sustainability program and contributes to many charities.
  12. Zenni Optical (CA) contributes back to breast cancer and Lions Club. Online company.
  13. Zyloware (NY) Supports many charities throughout the years. Member of The Vision Council.

Companies Supporting Think About Your Eyes Eye Health Campaign   that are not mentioned above.

  1. Chemistrie
  2. Eschenbach
  3. Gunnar
  4. Hilco
  5. National  Vision
  6. Special Eyes
  7. Transitions (owned by Essilor)
  8. Vision Works
  9. WestGroupe

Eyewear Companies that have a Recycle Program

  • Collins Bridge Eyewear (Florida) online company has Flagship stores, wholesales products. If a pair is purchased online, and a customer sends back their old pair, they will recycle it for them.
  • Oren Isaac (California) online company that has a recycle back program. Send back old frames and lenses free, and they will clean up and donate them. They offer a $15.00 coupon.
  • Allyn Scura (CA) Works with Lions Club and other vision charities for the recycling of eyewear. Provide a postage paid envelope so the old frame can be returned and then cleaned up and donated. Donate dead stock to SECO.
  • WoodZee (Chico, CA) Provides a 40% coupon for eyewear recycling program.

As a reminder this is not all the companies.. there are many, many more that contribute. If you know of any..please make a comment below.


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