Recycling Eyewear + Discount= Patient Loyalty

Recycling Eyewear For Sight

Several eyecare vendors are marketing ‘eco friendly eyewear ‘just by promoting recycling of eyeglasses. This makes sense. Patient comes in with old frame, they want to use their own frame, but with a cause related presentation, they might want to ‘recycle their old frame’ for a cause and a discount off the old frame.

How great is that! You keep the patient, the patient feels good that they have contributed and recycled plus gets a discounts, tells other people, you get the new frame plus lenses and encourage recycling eyewear and contribute to sight saving charities. It is a win win situation.

Zeal Optics– Up-Cycle to Zeal program.

This is an opportunity to trade in your “CLUNKER” brand name sport eyewear or goggles and receive a pair of the world’s finest eyewear, Zeal Optics, at up to 50% off! ….

The following brands, as well as similar premium brands, are accepted in the Upgrade to Zeal Program:

  • Oakley, Smith, Maui Jim, Spy Optic, etc.
  • Many of you ask what we do with the upgrade glasses we receive.  Well we actually donate them to a worthy Charity.  In 2008 we donated 500+ pair to a School for the Blind in Africa. Click here for more information.
  • You can also participate in the Upgrade to Zeal Program with any generic or non-premium pair of sunglasses for 25% off a new pair of Zeal Optics eyewear.

Modern Earth Originals

  • MEO, in cooperation with Hoya Vision and West Coast Lens, has set out to help people improve their vision. When your old eyewear is donated, we place a common prescription in them, and make sure they they end up on needy faces. Hooray Team!
  • MEO believes in CHANGE. When you grow tired of your old MEO frames, we encourage you to return them to the retailer where they were purchased. They will be placed in our “DONATION PROGRAM.” As a “Thank You” for your gift, you will receive a $20 credit toward a new pair of MEO frames.

Some of our readers may already do this, but is this on your website? Do you have signs posted? Does staff speak about eyewear recycling, or is the donation box tucked away in a corner? Could this be an opportunity for eyecare professionals to get and keep patients?

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