A Spexy Safety Specs Success Story

It is always nice to tell a safety eyewear success story. Recently a patient came in who had just retired. She was about to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with Habitat for Humanity building houses. Habitat requires that their volunteer workers have safety eyewear and she had quite a high prescription. She was quite unhappy with the idea of safety glasses and made it pretty clear that she was not going to enjoy this process one bit.

She had many of the old assumptions that so many people do about what safety glasses look like and what is available for lens choices in them. She assumed that she was going to look like a woman wearing a pair of ugly, thick, heavy, men’s safety glasses with side shields.

Hilco Style OG220 in Small Color Purple

Hilco Style OG220 in Small Color Purple

After spending some time chatting I asked how she would feel about wearing safety glasses if I could get them in pink? She replied, “Yeah, right, how about in purple?” I replied, “sure”. I don’t think she believed me.

Lucky for both of us Hilco has expanded their safety eyewear line to include selections for women. Their OG220 series is available in gray/pink, purple white, black and even in chestnut brown. Can you picture a guy asking if you can get his safety frame in, “chestnut brown”? The OG220 line is metal free, has a replaceable dust dam and a unique “flex-finger” bridge for comfortable wear and no-slip fit.

Hilco Style OG220S in PInk

Hilco Style OG220S in PInk

After further discussion we went with a ST 28 lined bifocal and added Transitions Lenses and I do not think she could have been any happier. I personally wear the OG220 myself and find it is everything they say it is. Tough, great fitting and it offers great protection. I prefer a lined bifocal placed slightly low in a safety frame since for the presbyopic you do need to see things at near but you never want to risk a skewed perspective when working with power tools. I’m not a huge fan of Transitions Lenses but her situation was the perfect place for them!

Applications for safety eyewear are everywhere. I am not real big on the “second pair” song-and-dance stuff. I am not that big on the, “selling multiple pairs is easy when you ask the right questions” stuff either. The truth is before sunglasses, before computer glasses, before fashion driven second pairs many people should really be considering a pair of safety glasses. No they are not sexy but then again neither is an eye injury. I know I wear mine almost everyday!

Submitted by Guest Blogger John Seegers MEd. is the owner of OpticianWorks.com, a website dedicated to optical dispensing. Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions you can contact him at optician@opticianworks.com.

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