Medical Marijuana Requests Jump

Does Medical Marijuana assist in treatment of Glaucoma? 

Medical Marijuana

Eye Openers or in this case- Red Eye Openers

  • Glaucoma ranks among the most frequently cited reasons for using medical marijuana and is one of the indications for which the federal government once granted permission for compassionate marijuana use 
  • There is evidence that marijuana (or its components), taken orally or by inhalation, can lower intraocular pressure
  • The dose of marijuana necessary to produce a clinically relevant effect in the short term appears to produce an acceptable level of undesirable side effects such as euphoria, systemic hypotension and/or dry eye and conjuntival hyperemia in the majority of glaucoma patients in whom the drug has been carefully studied. No data have been published on the long-term ocular and systemic effects of the use of marijuana by glaucoma patients. However, it would be anticipated that the side effects from the use of marijuana would be comparable to those side effects reported in studies of non-glaucomatous patients.
  • There are no conclusive studies to date to indicate that marijuana (or its components) can safely and effectively lower intraocular pressure enough to prevent optic nerve damage.
  • Marijuana and THC have been shown to reduce IOP [intraocular pressure] by an average of 24% in people with normal IOP who have visual-field changes. In a number of studies of healthy adults and glaucoma patients, IOP was reduced by an average of 25% after smoking a marijuana cigarette that contained approximately 2% THC.” — Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (1999) Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition 

 MSNBC– April 15, 2009 The number of ailing people turning to medical marijuana to ease their symptoms has spiked this year, say dispensary owners in some of the 13 states where it’s legal.

Requests have jumped anywhere from 50 to 300 percent, they say, since President Barack Obama took office and signaled that he won’t use federal marijuana laws to override state laws as the Bush administration did. Others say the economic downturn may also be responsible as more people without insurance are seeking alternatives to costly medications.

In the past few months, marijuana co-ops, clubs, businesses and even lawyers who have advocated for looser dope regulations say they’ve been inundated with requests for information and certifications that permit people to use marijuana for medical purposes To read the full story  click here


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