A Curated Portal Empowering People to Make Informed Health Care Decisions

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 brought a myriad of changes to the health care system, many of which are just now being realized. As consumers face increased out-of-pocket costs, higher deductibles, changes to Medicare, and the challenge of navigating health care exchanges for the first time, their need to be better informed has never been greater. And that’s precisely why was created.

Pacient_Logo_cmyk_u is a new, innovative on-line portal that helps empower consumers to manage their own health care. The site provides easy access to fundamental information and essential answers people need to make informed health care decisions, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Through a series of health care decks, authored articles and an “Ask-Pacient” function, delivers succinct, understandable and knowledgeable answers to patient and family concerns regarding issues related to insurance; doctors, hospitals and other providers; kids’ care; prescription drugs; privacy and technology; and family care. The site addresses the wellness issues and health care concerns everyone will invariably face at some point in their lifetime.

“We are all touched by the health care system,” Randy Gerber, founder of said. “And too often, when faced with a health care emergency or a significant decision with respect to our care, we don’t even know where to begin.” Being armed with intelligent information to ask the right questions, thoroughly understand your choices, and make informed decisions is essential, explains Gerber. “Yet time and again, during the course of my career, I realized people had no idea where to turn to get the information they need. That’s the critical role was designed to fill.”

A health care attorney with more than 35 years of experience, Gerber came up with the concept for the multi-screen platform after years of assisting clients, friends and family with the issues they were facing as health care consumers. Educating people on the health care system comes naturally for Gerber. He has served as an adjunct health care law professor at Saint Louis University School of Law for many years.

As he began building the portal, Gerber handpicked Pacient’s team of experienced health care writers, researchers and industry specialists. These experts continually identify and curate the portal’s content to address top-of-mind issues affecting everyone who participates in the complex U.S. health care system. In addition, the team personally answers people’s specific, individualized questions as they are posted to its Facebook page. Gerber is also building a national advisory board for to ensure the editorial integrity of the portal’s content.

“ has been built to be a trusted resource, one that consumers can easily turn to and find authoritative, concise answers to make informed health care decisions,” Gerber said. “Our multi-screen technology platform allows you put the information you need at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it. Our goal is to help you obtain the best health outcomes for your family, your loved ones and yourself.” is positioned to be a catalyst in the future of health care and is part of a growing industry trend. Changes in health care have led to an environment in which a greater share of the responsibility for health care costs and decision making has shifted directly to consumers. As a result, consumers use of information technology to make informed decisions about health care has skyrocketed.

During 2015, the WebMD Health Network reached an average of approximately 207 million monthly unique visitors and delivered approximately 16.34 billion page views during the year, increases of 13 percent and 15 percent over the prior year respectively. The need for online consumer resources to provide credible answers to health-care-related questions continues to grow. answers this need. allows people to make informed health care decisions, reduce costs, reduce stress, and achieve personal health and wellness goals. In addition, the portal is designed to reach a large audience of health-involved consumers with defined wellness routines, which will make it attractive to both advertisers and investors. has three primary target markets:

Millennials – young adults who are navigating the health care system for the first time, in particular young women who are primary decision makers regarding family health care options, as well as young mothers advocating on

behalf of and managing their children’s health care.

Gen X – more than 66 million people who manage their own health care and wellness, may be facing disease management issues for the first time, and also advocating and managing parental and older family members’ health concerns.

Boomers – an aging population of 75 million who are looking at changing retirement healthcare options, likely enrolling in Medicare for the first time and possibly managing chronic health conditions, as well as incorporating wellness into their lifestyle choices.

Pacient is a merger of the English word patient and the Spanish translation of the word, paciente. The name reflects the emphasis of the platform which is to bring the focus of health care conversations back to the patient, with content curated specifically with their knowledge needs in mind. The arrow within the logo represents the straightforward answers users will receive from which will help them cut through the “red tape” often encountered when navigating the health care system.

 About is an on-line portal that empowers health care consumers to make informed decisions and to navigate the complicated U.S. health care system with confidence. It delivers succinct, understandable and knowledgeable answers to patients’ concerns regarding issues related to insurance; doctors, hospitals and other providers; kids’ care; prescription drugs; privacy and technology; and family care. Founded in 2016 by Randy Gerber, a health care attorney with more than 35 years of experience and an adjunct health care law professor, Pacient’s handpicked team of experienced health care writers, researchers and industry specialists continually identify and curate its content. Pacient’s multi-screen platform allows U.S. consumers to access the information they need to take an active part in managing their health care 24-hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world on personal computer, smart phone or tablet. For more information, visit or follow the company at:

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