Perfect PEE Proof Pool Products

The viral news of peeing in pool causing red eyes was funny.  For those who didn’t see it, the original story goes back to 2012. The problem is not the urine which is relativity sterile it is the chemical compound of urine and chlorine which leads to red eyes and other diseases.

There Must Be A Better Way!  And guess what, Hilco comes to the rescue with the Perfect PEE Proof goggles for kids and adults to prevent red eyes while swimming in pools. These delightful See (a) characters will be so much fun to wear, you will not get any flack from the kids and the adults will be jealous, I mean I would wear these, I love them.

Listen to this.. studies say that 1 out 5 people pee in pools. I bet many of them are kids who don’t want to get out… all the more reason to consider swimming goggles.

Nemo Goggle

Nemo Goggle

Dolphin Goggle

Dolphin Goggle


Crab goggle

Crab goggle

Sharke goggle

Turtle goggle



All kids like to scuba, why not offer this option as well. This is not only a saleable item, it would make great displays for the office.

Hilco green

Hilco-Set in Blue


I love it and you know what, this just might be the perfect gift for at least ten of my nieces and nephews and myself.


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