10 Quirky ‘Eye Therapy’ Cures Of The Past

1929 Helps You Pull A Cinder Out of Your Eye: Popular Science ; SAFETY-FIRST device, small enough to carry in a vest pocket, has been invented by A. F. Ouellet, of New York City, to aid in removing cinders or dust particles from your eyes. A five-power magnifying mirror, one inch in diameter, is fitted with a wire clamp by which it is attached to the little finger of the left hand. Source

1930: Grade Students By Eye Movements Popular Science ; These are some of the conclusions arrived at by W. R. Miles and H. M Bell of the Psychology Laboratories of Stanford University, California. In order to get the data upon which they based their deductions, they made photographic studies of the eye movements of students engaged in reading material with which they were not familiar, such as a difficult passage on “didactic poetry.” Source 

1932: Crutch for Paralyzed Eyelids Popular Mechanics. An eyelid crutch for use in cases of a paralysis of the eyelids, leading to a complete or partial loss of sight, has been developed by Dr. John C. Neill of the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry (Source)

1932: 800 Pound Magnet Treats Eye Injury: Modern Mechancis (June 1932)  AN EYE magnet so powerful that it will pull a flatiron across a room has recently been installed in a Minneapolis, Minn., hospital to remove steel cinders from patients’ eyes Source 

1933: Attachment to Glasses (Nosepiece) Aids in Breathing in Cold. Modern Mechanix

1934 – Dry Eyes where it says Eye Ailments are Cured by Dry Heat! this is from Popular Mechanix, December 1934 ‘EYE inflammations are being successfully treated with dry heat by a new and ingenious apparatus introduced at the annual meeting of the American College of Proctology. The electric controlling unit automatically heats and circulates water through hollow rubber pads held over the eyes by the patient. The temperature of this water is constantly controlled by the physician.

1936: Electric Bombardment Cures Black Eye:Popular Mechanix, December 1936 ; A DISFIGURING, and sometimes embarrassing black eye can be removed in less than one hour by the use of a new static machine that “bombards” the eye with electricity. The electric treatment is painless. The static device, as explained by Dr. Norman Titus, New York City physiotherapist, consists of a simple negative and positive electrode. The patient holds the negative electrode while the attending physician “aims” the positive electrode at the discolored optic. Source 

1938: Smoking Out of the Eyes (Ok, not a cure but weird) Source 

Smoking a pipe with his eye is the odd accomplishment of Alfred Langevin, of Canada.

1939: Treat Inflamed Eyes With Radio Waves: Popular Science -Inflamed eyes are now being treated with ultrashort radio waves in the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, London, England. Source

1954: Eye Movement Glasses Popular Mechanics : An extra pair of eyes seems to sprout beneath the cheekbones of a person using a new visual aid. The effect comes from inclined transparent mirrors attached to a pair of glassless spectacles. With the tool an observer can watch a reader’s eye movements and discover the reasons for retarded reading rate or comprehension. Source

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