Eye Didn’t Know That: Contact Lenses For Chickens

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Quite awhile ago, we did a post on Eyeglasses for chickens, did you know their are contact Lenses for chickens? Apparently this is quite a controversy. Apparently the color RED makes chickens less aggressive and they eat less. Now they could go about their business of … instead of fighting and eat less food.

In 1960 a farmer, Irvin Wise found out though a salesman that chickens that have cataracts behaved better than other chickens. Old Irvin tried to design contact lenses for chickens which didn’t work. But his son Randall E, after a successful career decided to pursue his father’s dream of contact lens for chickens, which came on the market in 1989 for 20 cents a pair.

The controversy comes from

1.) Increase in eye infections in chicken eyes

2.) Abnormal behavior in chickens

3.) Inability to close eyes


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