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We all know the typical designers, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci….. Today so many designers are launching their own eyewear and sunglass lines, I mean who are these people!!! Every time I see a new name, I go to Wikipedia and have to find out who they are. My newest discovery is a Designer Database called Fashion Windows who lists designers and a short bio on who they are , their background, celebrity followers, website and their seasonal collections.

How Can this help you? – If you are carrying designer and fashion eyewear you should know about the designer as a part of your presentation to your patients. The more you know the better equipped to sell and educate your patients/ customers.  Unfortunately they don’t have a database with the designer and who is distributing the eyewear. Still it’s fun- Check out some of of these designers and definitely bookmark this page.

For fun the site has a Store Window tab, get inspired by these store windows and dress up your office a little with ideas from professionals who visually merchandise Bergdorfs, and Macy’s .

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