Optometrist In Training Blog- SCCO

Here is an interesting blog from a ‘new’ optometrist’ at SCCO. Optometrist in Training. For those who are thinking about optometry school or maybe want to relive their youth- take a read.

An excerpt: “Orientation day started at 7:30AM-5:00PM. Since I do not live in Fullerton, I had to commute. My commute is not very far and there was no traffic at all this morning, so I arrived there in 15 minutes! I wish everyday could be like that! At first when I got to the school, there were a lot of other students just standing around in the court yard. I just signed in and stood against the wall. I never had the chance to go to any of the “meet and greets” so I had no idea who anyone was. I recognized a lot of faces from Facebook, but it was still awkward to finally see everyone in person. Eventually, I was able to talk to a few other classmates and introduce myself. Breakfast was served buffet style, which was nice. It consisted of muffins, pastries, coffee, fruit, and juice. I had a blueberry muffin myself, but I don’t think it sufficed! My stomach kept growling during the speeches, :(. So after some morning mingling took place, we all stood in line to take our student ID photos. The photos we took will last through our whole 4 years at SCCO! So you want to make sure you look sharp. You don’t have to be so formal; business casual was more appropriate….

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