VisionWeb’s Commitment To Independent Eyecare Providers

I first came across VisionWeb about 5 years ago and was impressed with the ‘start up’ operation and their commitment to the independent eyecare provider as well as their vision of the future. For those who many not be familiar with them- VisionWeb provides software and technology that help simplify day-to-day procedures in the eyecare industry. Their primary services are for online eyecare product ordering and online insurance processing.

VisionWeb’s online ordering service allows ECPs to can access all of their spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame suppliers in one location, at their convenience. This service helps improve order accuracy, reduces turnaround time, and provides access to the most supplier connections in the industry. Best of all – it’s FREE for eyecare providers to use! . ECPs can also manage insurance processing with all of their commercial and government payers online through VisionWeb. There is no longer a need to visit multiple sites when checking eligibility, submitting and tracking claims, and managing ERA. Unlike other clearinghouses, VisionWeb only serves the eyecare industry, so they understand the unique insurance needs of today’s busy eyecare practice. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else.

I asked them what makes them different than other online portals:

‘Our services are integrated with leading practice management systems, which makes ordering and insurance processing from within the practice management system possible. Customers that utilize our practice management integrations for ordering can send orders without having to re-key order information because the information that they have already entered in the system is used to create the order. That means less time spent rekeying orders, which results in fewer errors and significant timesavings. The same is true for customers that use process claims through a system that is compatible with VisionWeb. They simply upload the claims that they create in their practice management system and submit them through VisionWeb. No need to re-key. Using our services through practice management systems really makes the practice more efficient, and that’s what we’re all about. You can see a list of systems that are integrated for ordering here, and a list that are compatible with our insurance services here.

Top 8 Reasons to Use VisionWeb:

1.) It’s Free

2.) Ongoing education and webinairs

3.) Give royalties back to AOA and OAA, support both opticians and optometrists.

4.) Integrated with Practice Management Software programs

5.) Over 400 Rx, contact lens and frame suppliers.

6.) Independent- which means they are non-biased and able to connect with ANY supplier, and in-turn, can offer ECPs the ability to order to all of their suppliers in one location

7.) Experience- Insurance services are available exclusively to the eyecare industry, and our insurance team has experience working in the insurance and billing departments of eyecare practices. Because of their background, they bring a level of expertise and understanding that differentiates them from similar clearinghouse services

8.) They are really nice and fun people.

Visit to learn more about VisionWeb, you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In

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