Eye How: Briot Edging Tip – Premium Lenses

Optical providers are processing more high-end premium lenses. What steps can help avoid processing problems and redos?

Image: Courtesy PPG Trivex

If your edger has automatic pre-sets for the lens material, such as Trivex or polycarbonate, this setting will automatically choose the correct pressure and cycle variables. Your edger manufacturer can help select the right setting. Before you edge, check the uncut lens prescription to make sure it is correct since most labs will not accept returns once a lens is cut. After edging, recheck the sizing before mounting to save time if any adjustments are needed. Finally, make sure your lens processing area is kept clean, since dirt and debris like lens particles can cause scratches. Wipe the lens before layout and after edging with a clean, preferably disposable cloth.

Source: Briot Edging Tips

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