FastGrind Releases New Conversion Photochromic FT28 Lens

Super Optical International will officially release their all new Conversion photochromic FT28 lenses at Vision Expo East in New York. The Conversion technology quickly changes from light to dark and back, while blocking harmful UV rays. This completes the entire line of Conversion technology, along with the ADDvantage HD Plus digital progressives, Single Vision, and Finished Single Vision lenses. The Conversion brand is proprietary to FastGrind, which enables you to produce lenses in-office with immediate dispensing, saving thousands on wholesale lab bills.

FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Optical International, has been servicing ECP’s for more than 20 years in over 50 countries. FastGrind is the “all-in-one” modified lens surfacing system intended for small to large independent practices. FastGrind offers the newest and best lenses that cost far less than the leading name brands to ensure your investment will continue to provide unparallel profits.

Conversion offers a fast and seamless shift between tinted and clear allowing Conversion to compete with the market leading photochromics. Conversion’s photochromic properties are ‘in-mass’, which means that its quality performance will stay truer longer. The special monomer used will not yellow over time, unlike the lenses that use coatings. Additionally, the use of a monomer solution retains the shift-speed longer than coatings that start to decrease their shift-rate as soon as after six months of use.

Their new line of Conversion photochromic lenses also come with a 1.56 VisionAir material offering eye care professionals the ability to provide amazing clarity with thinner, lighter lenses at a fraction of the cost of name brand lenses.

FastGrind is a product that will never become obsolete over time because it includes a lifetime warranty, and it is continually updated with new lens designs and features through software upgrades. FastGrind’s time proven technology is approved by the U.S. Military and EyeMed, and is voted the Best Surfacing Solution by eye care professionals in 2015 and 2016.

Visit the FastGrind booth at Vision Expo East, #LP4159, to discover the full line of Conversion photochromic lenses.

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