FastGrind/Super Optical Launches Blue Light Lens: BlueShield

Blue Shield Lens The conversation around digital eye strain (DES), and the negative effects blue light can have on eye health has been a hot topic in the optical community. Super Optical International’s BlueShield blue light lenses, exclusively made for FastGrind, will be released at Vision Expo in Las Vegas.

By utilizing BlueShield in conjunction with FastGrind, eye care professionals are able to serve their patients’ needs without the need to stock hundreds of lenses. ECP’s only need to have a limited number of lenses in a few bases to be able to cover the entire FastGrind range; -9.00 to +8.00 sphere and up to a 3 cylinder.

FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Optical, has been servicing eyecare professionals for over 25 years and has found a home in over 50 countries. The “all-in-one” modified lens surfacing system functions on software that is continually upgraded to accommodate the newest and best lenses. FastGrind’s time proven technology is approved by the U.S. Military and EyeMed while also being voted the best lens surfacing solution by EyeVote 2015 and eye care professionals.

BlueShield’s performance is unmatched in its category. Blocking over 95% of the blue light specifically associated with age related macular degeneration and eye strain, plus an average of over 85% of the generally harmful blue light range.

What truly sets BlueShield apart, aside from costing a fraction of competitor’s lenses, is the fact that BlueShield blocks less than 2% of the crucially important range associated with maintaining circadian rhythm. As an added bonus, BlueShield excels in all of these categories while maintaining a crystal clear lens with 90% overall light transparency. Simply put, you can block the harmful blue light without wearing the stigma of traditionally unattractive yellow hued lenses.

The release of BlueShield is another example of Super Optical expanding their brand to keep their customers at the cutting edge of lens technology. Your investment in FastGrind will never become obsolete over time because it is continually updated with new lens designs and features through simple software updates. Visit Super Optical at Vision Expo West, Booth #LP11086, to discover BlueShield for yourself.

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