New Launch: KODAK Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses

Signet Armorlite introduces the availability of Kodak Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses in 1.60 and Aspheric 1.67.

The exposure of potentially Harmful Blue Light is increasing every day in every age group. With the addition of finished single vision lenses, Kodak Total Blue Lens offers HEV Blue Light Filtration for every patient, at every age. These Finished Single Vision Lenses join a Kodak Total Blue Lens portfolio that includes Kodak-branded progressive lenses, computer lenses and digitally-enhanced single vision lenses.

Kodak Total Blue is a hybrid of lens material and AR lens coating that filters Harmful Blue Light and provides 100% UV Protection.

  •   Filters up to 80% of High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light (HEV Blue Light designation      as 380-440nm)
  •   Blocks 100% of Direct UV Rays
  •   Eases eyestrain and eye fatigue
  •   Reduces glare and reflections caused by digital devices, LED lighting and
    headlights, and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  •   Resists scratches and easy-to-clean

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